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Also Known as: Togari - The Sword of Justice
Author: Yoshinori Natsume.
Serialized in: Shonen Sunday

Summary: The story is about a boy named Tobei who went to hell for horrible crimes. Finally, the people beheaded him for his unspeakable crimes. He was immediately sent to hell and it was there that he suffered torture for 300 years. After that time had passed, he was given the opportunity to escape from hell. To do this, he must use the Togari (a magical sword that feeds off of the malice and evil of the user to become more powerful) to collect 108 Togas (sins), under the watchful eye of Ose, his private tormentor in Hell. If he collects 108 Togas in 108 days, he'll be free. However, there are rules he must follow...

Rule #1: He must not commit any sins or crimes. If he disobeys this rule, then he will be decapitated and sent back to hell.

Rule #2: He cannot harm any of the people. If he does, then twice as much damage is done to himself. For example, if he punches someone in the face, Tobei will be done the damage, but twice as powerful.

Also, not specifically a rule, but a property of the sword, is that if Tobei loses control of the Togari, he will be absorbed into the sword, along with all of the people who failed to master it before him.

Genre(s): supernatural

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