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Samurai Usagi

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Author: Teppei Fukushima
Artist: Teppei Fukushima

Summary: The main character Udagawa Gosuke has recieved his father's dojo, mainly because his father and older brother were made to commit hara-kiri. He really wasn't supposed to get it simply because he's a second son. 'cause of the way his pops and brother died he's got not a whole lot of self confidence so he practices fencing day by day at a nearby dojo. However because the people at that dojo are asses, he soon tries to invent a dojo and a style for people who just enjoy it.

However what really sets this aside from most Shounen is that the main character male and female are actually married (At age 15 no less!) The girl Utagawa Shino is the younger sister of his senpai, and is a bit...weird to say the least. She makes rabbit masks to help bring in a bit of money, although to say that she's obsessed with rabbits would be an understatement. She claims its because "The rabbits will someday reach the moon." When Gosuke invents his new dojo, he decides to make a style of swordsmanship known as "Rabbit style fencing."

(from Baka-Updates Manga)

Genre(s): action, comedy, shounen

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