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Also Known as: ???? ?????? PSYREN-????-
Author: Toshiaki Iwashiro
Artist: Toshiaki Iwashiro
Serialized in: Weekly Shounen Jump

Summary: One day while heading home, Ageha Yoshina finds a public pay phone ringing by itself. He picks it up, receiving no answer except a calling card with the word "Psyren" printed on it. After Sakurako Amamiya, a girl in Yoshina's class, disappears after mentioning "Psyren", Ageha uses the calling card in hopes of finding the whereabouts of his classmate, despite being warned not to get involved. After answering a long and detailed quiz on a pay phone, he is asked if he wants to go to Psyren. Furiously pressing "no," he storms away. The next day, two men manage to find out about Ageha and his Psyren card. While being chased, he receives a call which gets louder and louder by the second. As he answers the phone, he is immediately drawn into the world of Psyren. A world which is inhabited by monsters called Tavoo. A world where players must fight to survive using the powers of PSI.

Genre(s): action, adventure, shounen, supernatural

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10-17-2011Psyren 146   1Psyren 146
12-08-2010Psyren 145   2Psyren 145
11-30-2010Psyren 144   4Psyren 144
11-30-2010Psyren 143   2Psyren 143
11-09-2010Psyren 142   3Psyren 142
11-09-2010Psyren 141   1Psyren 141
10-30-2010Psyren 140   4Psyren 140
10-22-2010Psyren 139   4Psyren 139
10-21-2010Psyren 138   3Psyren 138
10-10-2010Psyren 137   5Psyren 137
10-01-2010Psyren 136   1Psyren 136
09-21-2010Psyren 135   2Psyren 135
09-15-2010Psyren 134   6Psyren 134
09-09-2010Psyren 133   4Psyren 133
09-07-2010Psyren 132   0Psyren 132
08-31-2010Psyren 131   2Psyren 131
08-21-2010Psyren 130   2Psyren 130
08-06-2010Psyren 129   1Psyren 129
08-01-2010Psyren 128   0Psyren 128
08-01-2010Psyren 127   0Psyren 127
07-17-2010Psyren 126   0Psyren 126
07-17-2010Psyren 125   0Psyren 125
07-17-2010Psyren 124   0Psyren 124
07-17-2010Psyren 123   0Psyren 123
07-17-2010Psyren 118   2Psyren 118