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UpdatedRelease NameRawLanguagesComments 
07-12-2013NEEDLESS Zero Vol.2 Special   4NEEDLESS Zero Vol.2 Special
07-03-2013NEEDLESS 114   2NEEDLESS 114
06-20-2013NEEDLESS 113   2NEEDLESS 113
06-20-2013NEEDLESS 112   2NEEDLESS 112
06-20-2013NEEDLESS 111   3NEEDLESS 111
06-20-2013NEEDLESS 110   2NEEDLESS 110
06-20-2013NEEDLESS 109   2NEEDLESS 109
06-20-2013NEEDLESS 108   2NEEDLESS 108
06-20-2013NEEDLESS 107   2NEEDLESS 107
06-20-2013NEEDLESS 106   2NEEDLESS 106
06-20-2013NEEDLESS 105   2NEEDLESS 105
06-20-2013NEEDLESS 104   2NEEDLESS 104
07-02-2012NEEDLESS 103   2NEEDLESS 103
05-26-2012NEEDLESS 102   1NEEDLESS 102
04-25-2012NEEDLESS c.101   1NEEDLESS c.101
04-25-2012NEEDLESS 101   2NEEDLESS 101
04-07-2012NEEDLESS Zero v.2 c.7   1NEEDLESS Zero v.2 c.7
03-31-2012NEEDLESS Let's go! Saint Rose Academy   1NEEDLESS Let's go! Saint Rose Academy
03-31-2012NEEDLESS 100   0NEEDLESS 100
03-25-2012NEEDLESS Zero v.2 c.6   2NEEDLESS Zero v.2 c.6
03-24-2012NEEDLESS Zero v.2 c.1   1NEEDLESS Zero v.2 c.1
03-17-2012NEEDLESS Zero 4   1NEEDLESS Zero 4
03-11-2012NEEDLESS Zero 03   2NEEDLESS Zero 03
03-06-2012NEEDLESS 49   1NEEDLESS 49
03-05-2012NEEDLESS 99   1NEEDLESS 99

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ReleasedLangSeries / EpisodeGroup(s)DL
11-25-2009NEEDLESS 21Ayako-Himatsubushi NEEDLESS 21
11-16-2009NEEDLESS 20Ayako-Himatsubushi NEEDLESS 20
11-09-2009NEEDLESS 19Rage NEEDLESS 19
11-10-2009NEEDLESS 19Ayako-Himatsubushi NEEDLESS 19
11-01-2009NEEDLESS 18Ayako-Himatsubushi NEEDLESS 18
10-26-2009NEEDLESS 17Ayako-Himatsubushi NEEDLESS 17
10-21-2009NEEDLESS 16Ayako-Himatsubushi NEEDLESS 16
10-12-2009NEEDLESS 15Ayako-Himatsubushi NEEDLESS 15
10-07-2009NEEDLESS 14Ayako-Himatsubushi NEEDLESS 14
09-28-2009NEEDLESS 13Ayako-Himatsubushi NEEDLESS 13