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Kuroko no Basket

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Also Known as: Kuroko no Basuke ??????
Author: Tadatoshi Fujimaki
Artist: Tadatoshi Fujimaki
Serialized in: Weekly Shounen Jump

Summary: In the glorious history of Teikou Middle School basketball team, there is still a team called the "strongest", a generation with five players called "The Generation of Miracles". However, there's still a person those 5 players acknowledge as superior, and that is Kuroko Tetsuya, "The Phantom". Now, each one of them has joined a different high school, and so the race to being the #1 has begun. Kuroko decided to go to Seirin high school and now, along with his teammate Kagami Taiga, they are determined to go for the top.

Genre(s): shounen, sports

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09-17-2011Kuroko no Basket 102   1Kuroko no Basket 102
09-10-2011Kuroko no Basket 101   2Kuroko no Basket 101
09-07-2011Kuroko no Basket 100   0Kuroko no Basket 100
09-04-2011Kuroko no Basket 99   1Kuroko no Basket 99
09-03-2011Kuroko no Basket 98   1Kuroko no Basket 98
09-03-2011Kuroko no Basket 97   1Kuroko no Basket 97
09-02-2011Kuroko no Basket 96   0Kuroko no Basket 96
08-29-2011Kuroko no Basket 95   0Kuroko no Basket 95
08-27-2011Kuroko no Basket 94   2Kuroko no Basket 94
08-23-2011Kuroko no Basket 93   1Kuroko no Basket 93
08-18-2011Kuroko no Basket 92   0Kuroko no Basket 92
08-16-2011Kuroko no Basket 91   1Kuroko no Basket 91
08-15-2011Kuroko no Basket 90   2Kuroko no Basket 90
08-11-2011Kuroko no Basket 89   1Kuroko no Basket 89
08-10-2011Kuroko no Basket 88   0Kuroko no Basket 88
08-09-2011Kuroko no Basket 87   0Kuroko no Basket 87
08-06-2011Kuroko no Basket 86   0Kuroko no Basket 86
08-05-2011Kuroko no Basket 85   0Kuroko no Basket 85
08-04-2011Kuroko no Basket 84   0Kuroko no Basket 84
07-27-2011Kuroko no Basket 83   1Kuroko no Basket 83
07-26-2011Kuroko no Basket 82   1Kuroko no Basket 82
07-25-2011Kuroko no Basket 81   1Kuroko no Basket 81
07-23-2011Kuroko no Basket 124   0Kuroko no Basket 124
07-21-2011Kuroko no Basket 80   1Kuroko no Basket 80
07-20-2011Kuroko no Basket 79   0Kuroko no Basket 79