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Hajimete no Aku

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Also Known as: ??????? My First Devil My First Mr. Akuno
Author: FUJIKI Shun
Artist: FUJIKI Shun
Serialized in: Shonen Sunday (Shogakukan)

Summary: In the spring of Kyoko's first year in high school, Eiko, a girl like a sister to her, returns with her younger brother, Jiro. The return isn't that big of a deal, but Jiro has it in his head that he wants to operate on Kyoko! And, what's even more, the two of them are actually from the demon world. As if high school didn't have enough problems already, now she has to deal with these two living with her.


Genre(s): comedy, shounen

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09-02-2009Hajimete no Aku 31   0Hajimete no Aku 31
08-19-2009Hajimete no Aku 30   0Hajimete no Aku 30
08-15-2009Hajimete no Aku 29   0Hajimete no Aku 29
08-07-2009Hajimete no Aku 28   0Hajimete no Aku 28
07-27-2009Hajimete no Aku 27   0Hajimete no Aku 27
07-19-2009Hajimete no Aku 26   0Hajimete no Aku 26
07-11-2009Hajimete no Aku 25   0Hajimete no Aku 25
07-04-2009Hajimete no Aku 24   0Hajimete no Aku 24
06-18-2009Hajimete no Aku 22   0Hajimete no Aku 22
06-10-2009Hajimete no Aku 21   0Hajimete no Aku 21
06-06-2009Hajimete no Aku 19-20   0Hajimete no Aku 19-20
05-31-2009Hajimete no Aku 18   0Hajimete no Aku 18
04-11-2009Hajimete no Aku 14   0Hajimete no Aku 14
04-04-2009Hajimete no Aku 13   0Hajimete no Aku 13
03-30-2009Hajimete no Aku 12   0Hajimete no Aku 12
03-20-2009Hajimete no Aku 11   0Hajimete no Aku 11
03-14-2009Hajimete no Aku 10   0Hajimete no Aku 10
03-08-2009Hajimete no Aku 9   0Hajimete no Aku 9
02-27-2009Hajimete no Aku 8   0Hajimete no Aku 8
02-22-2009Hajimete no Aku 7   0Hajimete no Aku 7
02-16-2009Hajimete no Aku 6   0Hajimete no Aku 6
02-05-2009Hajimete no Aku 5   0Hajimete no Aku 5
01-31-2009Hajimete no Aku 4   0Hajimete no Aku 4
01-29-2009Hajimete no Aku 3   0Hajimete no Aku 3
01-28-2009Hajimete no Aku 1   0Hajimete no Aku 1