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Hajime no Ippo

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Also Known as: Fighting Spirit
Author: Jyoji 'George' Morikawa
Artist: Jyoji 'George' Morikawa
Serialized in: Weekly Shonen Magazine

Summary: Makunouchi Ippo is always pushed around and bullied in school, but everything changes when a man named Takamura saves him from being beaten up. Ippo is entranced, after being introduced into the world of boxing he sets his goal on finding out what it means to be truly strong. The manga follows Ippo, a complete Amateur with natural strength and talent as he tries to get accepted into Takamura's gym, where he slowly builds on his goal through the trials and tribulations of being a professional boxer.

Genre(s): comedy, shounen, sports

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08-20-2010Hajime no Ippo 43   0Hajime no Ippo 43
08-18-2010Hajime no Ippo 42   0Hajime no Ippo 42
08-15-2010Hajime no Ippo 40   0Hajime no Ippo 40
08-11-2010Hajime no Ippo 39   0Hajime no Ippo 39
08-08-2010Hajime no Ippo 38   0Hajime no Ippo 38
08-06-2010Hajime no Ippo 37   0Hajime no Ippo 37
08-05-2010Hajime no Ippo 36   0Hajime no Ippo 36
08-01-2010Hajime no Ippo 35   0Hajime no Ippo 35
07-30-2010Hajime no Ippo 34   0Hajime no Ippo 34
07-28-2010Hajime no Ippo 33   0Hajime no Ippo 33
07-28-2010Hajime no Ippo 902   0Hajime no Ippo 902
07-23-2010Hajime no Ippo 31   0Hajime no Ippo 31
07-21-2010Hajime no Ippo 30   0Hajime no Ippo 30
07-16-2010Hajime no Ippo 900   0Hajime no Ippo 900
07-16-2010Hajime no Ippo 28   0Hajime no Ippo 28
07-14-2010Hajime no Ippo 27   0Hajime no Ippo 27
07-11-2010Hajime no Ippo 26   0Hajime no Ippo 26
07-09-2010Hajime no Ippo 25   0Hajime no Ippo 25
07-07-2010Hajime no Ippo 24   0Hajime no Ippo 24
07-04-2010Hajime no Ippo 23   0Hajime no Ippo 23
07-03-2010Hajime no Ippo 899   0Hajime no Ippo 899
07-02-2010Hajime no Ippo 22   0Hajime no Ippo 22
06-30-2010Hajime no Ippo 21   0Hajime no Ippo 21
06-27-2010Hajime no Ippo 20   0Hajime no Ippo 20
06-25-2010Hajime no Ippo 19   0Hajime no Ippo 19

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