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Fujimura-kun Mates

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Also Known as: 藤村くんメイツ 藤村君和他的伙伴们 藤村君的明片 Fujimura-kun Meitsu Pals with Fujimura-kun Shiki Seiichi
Author: SHIKI Seiichi
Artist: SHIKI Seiichi
Serialized in: GanGan ONLINE (Square Enix)

Summary: Fujimura is a loner delinquent at his school. Feared by his classmates since the first day of high school, he's had no friends and usually ditches class. But even his standoffish nature can't hold up when a class representative with a few screws loose comes after him! And two more class representatives. They're a few cards short of a full deck too. (Actually, he's more like the tsukkomi in a world of boke.)

Genre(s): comedy, romance, school-life, shounen

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07-27-2012Fujimura-kun Mates 53   2Fujimura-kun Mates 53
06-26-2012Fujimura-kun Mates 52   0Fujimura-kun Mates 52
05-24-2012Fujimura-kun Mates 51   1Fujimura-kun Mates 51
05-20-2012Fujimura-kun Mates 50   1Fujimura-kun Mates 50
04-30-2012Fujimura-kun Mates 49   2Fujimura-kun Mates 49
04-14-2012Fujimura-kun Mates 48   0Fujimura-kun Mates 48
04-10-2012Fujimura-kun Mates 17   0Fujimura-kun Mates 17
04-03-2012Fujimura-kun Mates 46   1Fujimura-kun Mates 46
03-28-2012Fujimura-kun Mates 45   1Fujimura-kun Mates 45
03-20-2012Fujimura-kun Mates 44   1Fujimura-kun Mates 44
03-07-2012Fujimura-kun Mates 43   1Fujimura-kun Mates 43
02-28-2012Fujimura-kun Mates 42   2Fujimura-kun Mates 42
02-02-2012Fujimura-kun Mates 41   1Fujimura-kun Mates 41
01-22-2012Fujimura-kun Mates 40   1Fujimura-kun Mates 40
01-12-2012Fujimura-kun Mates 39   0Fujimura-kun Mates 39
12-18-2011Fujimura-kun Mates 38   1Fujimura-kun Mates 38
12-18-2011Fujimura-kun Mates 1.4   0Fujimura-kun Mates 1.4
12-07-2011Fujimura-kun Mates 1.3   0Fujimura-kun Mates 1.3
11-24-2011Fujimura-kun Mates 1.1   1Fujimura-kun Mates 1.1
10-24-2011Fujimura-kun Mates 37   3Fujimura-kun Mates 37
09-22-2011Fujimura-kun Mates 36   0Fujimura-kun Mates 36
09-03-2011Fujimura-kun Mates 35   1Fujimura-kun Mates 35
09-01-2011Fujimura-kun Mates 34   0Fujimura-kun Mates 34
08-23-2011Fujimura-kun Mates 33   0Fujimura-kun Mates 33
ArchiveFujimura-kun Mates 17-32   0Fujimura-kun Mates 17-32