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Buster Keel!

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Also Known as: バスターキール!
Author: SAKAMOTO Kenshirou
Artist: SAKAMOTO Kenshirou
Serialized in: Shonen Rival (Kodansha)

Summary: Keel, the hero of our story, is looking desperately for Silva the so called "best monster fighter" to retrieve something precious that he took away from him, on his search he joins a beginner monster fighter girl, along with her flying pig monster and goes for an adventure to find Silva who for some reason has been missing for 3 years?!?

Genre(s): action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, shounen

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01-17-2012Buster Keel! 21   3Buster Keel! 21
11-05-2011Buster Keel! 20   3Buster Keel! 20
10-05-2011Buster Keel! 19   3Buster Keel! 19
09-05-2011Buster Keel! 18   3Buster Keel! 18
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