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Author: Uchimizu Touru
Serialized in: shonen jump

Summary: In the Middle Ages, when the practice of medicine was still in a primitive state, medicine was based upon a supposed balance of blood, phlegm, black bile, and yellow bile. Doctors blamed sickness on a imbalance of these substances, not realizing the true internal causes. Many illnesses were treated with bloodletting, medicinal concoctions, and prayer. There emerged a group of new doctors, Asklepios, who treated their patients through more modern practices such as surgery and removing diseased organs from the body. These practices, however, were not allowed by the church and the Asklepios were deemed heretics and titled "slashing demons." Buzz Medil, the last Asklepios alive, embarks on a journey to help as many people in need of his services.

Genre(s): adventure, fantasy, shounen

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