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Aflame Inferno

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Author: IM Dal Young

Summary: Aflame Inferno is about a self absorbed high schooler, Kang Shichan, that gets caught in the middle of a battle between demons.
Injured severely and near death, the demon Inferno merges with the student to save his life.
Together they win the battle to discover that they are inescapably joined. The only hope of every being separate beings is to close down 1,000 Invento Hells and find the right spell of Resurrection.
Can Kang Shichan balance hunting down demons with his school work?

Genre(s): action, adventure, ecchi, shounen, supernatural

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04-07-2012Aflame Inferno 45-50   1Aflame Inferno 45-50
04-03-2012Aflame Inferno 42-44   1Aflame Inferno 42-44
12-01-2010Aflame Inferno 49   0Aflame Inferno 49
12-01-2010Aflame Inferno 48   0Aflame Inferno 48
07-25-2010Aflame Inferno 47   0Aflame Inferno 47
06-15-2010Aflame Inferno 46   0Aflame Inferno 46
05-12-2010Aflame Inferno 44   0Aflame Inferno 44
05-01-2010Aflame Inferno 45   0Aflame Inferno 45
04-28-2010Aflame Inferno 43   0Aflame Inferno 43
04-28-2010Aflame Inferno 42   0Aflame Inferno 42
07-14-2009Aflame Inferno 41   1Aflame Inferno 41
07-13-2009Aflame Inferno 40   0Aflame Inferno 40
07-13-2009Aflame Inferno 39   1Aflame Inferno 39
07-11-2009Aflame Inferno 38   0Aflame Inferno 38
07-11-2009Aflame Inferno 37   0Aflame Inferno 37
07-10-2009Aflame Inferno 35   0Aflame Inferno 35
07-10-2009Aflame Inferno 36   0Aflame Inferno 36
07-06-2009Aflame Inferno 34   0Aflame Inferno 34
07-04-2009Aflame Inferno 33   0Aflame Inferno 33
07-02-2009Aflame Inferno 32   0Aflame Inferno 32
07-01-2009Aflame Inferno 31   0Aflame Inferno 31
06-29-2009Aflame Inferno 30   0Aflame Inferno 30
06-02-2009Aflame Inferno 29   0Aflame Inferno 29
06-02-2009Aflame Inferno 28   0Aflame Inferno 28
05-24-2009Aflame Inferno 27   0Aflame Inferno 27