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UpdatedRelease NameRawLanguagesComments 
06-25-2013Kurogane no Linebarrel 101   0Kurogane no Linebarrel 101
05-02-2012Kurogane no Linebarrels 75-79   0Kurogane no Linebarrels 75-79
05-02-2012Kurogane no Linebarrels 70-74   0Kurogane no Linebarrels 70-74
04-01-2012Kurogane no Linebarrels 65-69   1Kurogane no Linebarrels 65-69
01-08-2012Kurogane no Linebarrel 63   1Kurogane no Linebarrel 63
01-01-2012Kurogane no Linebarrels 62   0Kurogane no Linebarrels 62