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UpdatedRelease NameRawLanguagesComments 
01-18-2012One Piece 653   7One Piece 653
01-18-2012Naruto 570   7Naruto 570
01-11-2012Bleach 479 9Bleach 479
01-11-2012Naruto 569 8Naruto 569
12-14-2011One Piece 650   13One Piece 650
12-14-2011Naruto 567   9Naruto 567
12-14-2011Bleach 477   12Bleach 477
12-07-2011Hunter x Hunter 328   8Hunter x Hunter 328
12-07-2011One Piece 649   10One Piece 649
11-30-2011Bleach 475   7Bleach 475
11-30-2011One Piece 648   7One Piece 648
11-30-2011Naruto 565   12Naruto 565
10-27-2011Hunter x Hunter 322   6Hunter x Hunter 322
10-27-2011One Piece 644   6One Piece 644
10-27-2011Bleach 470   8Bleach 470
10-19-2011Hunter x Hunter 321   3Hunter x Hunter 321
10-19-2011One Piece 643   11One Piece 643
10-19-2011Bleach 469   9Bleach 469
10-19-2011Naruto 560   11Naruto 560
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