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Houkago Translations

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Website: http://houkago-translations.blogspot.com/

UpdatedRelease NameRawLanguagesComments 
07-04-2012K-ON! v6 ch13   0K-ON! v6 ch13
03-13-2012K-ON! 8   1K-ON! 8
03-02-2012K-ON! v.6 c.7   1K-ON! v.6 c.7
10-31-2011K-ON! v.6 c.1   2K-ON! v.6 c.1
10-12-2011K-ON! v.5 c.13   1K-ON! v.5 c.13
10-02-2011K-ON! v.5 ch.12   0K-ON! v.5 ch.12
08-12-2011K-ON! v5 c9   0K-ON! v5 c9
06-02-2011K-ON! Special 01   1K-ON! Special 01
06-02-2011K-ON! v05 ch03 v2   1K-ON! v05 ch03 v2
06-02-2011K-ON! v05 ch02   0K-ON! v05 ch02
06-02-2011K-ON! v05 ch01   1K-ON! v05 ch01
06-02-2011K-ON! v04 ch00-13   1K-ON! v04 ch00-13
06-02-2011K-ON! v03 ch00-12   1K-ON! v03 ch00-12
06-02-2011K-ON! v02 ch01-15+ omake   0K-ON! v02 ch01-15+ omake
06-02-2011K-ON! v01 ch00-13   1K-ON! v01 ch00-13
07-12-2009K-ON! 29   1K-ON! 29
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