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    Uchiha Sasuke is a Hero (His Big Plan)

    I haven't ever really seen this talked about.
    Throughout this entire Story, Uchiha Sasuke has gone through multiple different emotions and feelings. At first he was innocent and loving. He loved his family and his brother. He had a good heart and a good soul.

    Then the Massacre Happened.

    Then his life was warped and changed forever. He dedicated every essence of himself to revenge and murder of his brother. Always seeing visions of his parents slayed right in front of his feet, and he was helpless.

    This... Is the true heart of Uchiha Sasuke.
    The fact that he was helpless to do anything to SAVE his most important people.

    Sasuke met Naruto, and regardless of what he says, he became best friends with Naruto. They saved eachothers lives on different occassions. Team 7 became Sasukes new family.

    I know everyone thinks Sasuke left the village to get stronger so that he could get revenge on Itachi. That's not exactly fully true. That was a big part of it.

    The real reason however.... Was to get strong enough so that he could defeat Itachi and SAVE Naruto.

    Uchiha Sasuke has always been an amazing thinker. He analyzes EVERY situation. He's a Shikamaru/Kakashi type character. He's like a mix. He is very powerful, very smart... But overconfident at times, and underestimates.

    Throughout his time with Orochimaru, surely he was plotting and planning an ultimate plan.

    Sasuke lost to Naruto in the village. As far as who had the stronger Jutsu anyway. This angered Sasuke, not only because of their rivalry, but for the fact that Naruto would now be looking out for him, instead of the other way around. Sasuke probably felt like Itachi was always stronger, and he wanted to be stronger for once, to be able to protect his teamates and new family, instead of feeling....

    Helpless... Which is the main thing i'm trying to explain about Sasuke.

    He was reminded by Itachi the pain and agony of the massacre. He made Sasuke relive it. It was for a reason....

    Akatsuki was coming for Naruto, and Itachi NEEDED Sasuke to be strong enough with the Mangekyou Sharingan, so that he could control the Ninetails and not let it fall into Akatsukis hands!!! He needed Sasuke to be strong enough to protect Naruto, the Fourths Legacy.

    Itachi loved Konoha and wanted peace. He was aware of the power of Sasukes Sharingan, and he viewed Sasuke as a Hero of Konoha. Wanted it to turn out that way anyway.

    Sasuke wasn't getting strong enough.
    Itachi did what he was there to do, check up on him, and possibly test his strength. He needed Sasuke to get stronger. For the villages sake, and Narutos sake.

    Sasuke realized that also.
    He did what was necessary in order to get strong... FAST. He cut his bonds with his teamates, cause they would never let him go if he didn't. If he didn't cut his bonds, he would be trapped in the politics of Konoha, doing petty missions while Akatsuki prepared to kidnap and murder HIS BEST friend and teamate.

    Sasuke would feel.... Helpless.
    And he never wants to feel helpless again. For his TEAMATES sake. For Narutos sake. He knows AKatsuki is coming for Naruto.

    So he has three years. He realizes HE MUST go to Orochimaru.
    He's went toe to toe with Orochimaru before, a semi serious Orochimaru anyway, but he was a Genin with one tomoe in his Sharingan. When he developed his final tomoe at Vote, he upgraded big time. He was on par with Orochimaru. He probably figured he would get the power he needs as fast as possible, the Kill Orochimaru for the sake of the world and all the prisoners and "What's Right". What a hero would do. Eliminate a Villan. If Sasuke just left that hideout when he was strong enough, leaving Orochimaru alive, he would be responsible for many more lives. He did what a hero would do.

    Now the end of his plan.
    He was always aware of Itachi, but had a feeling someone else helped him. When he learned of Madara from the Kyuubi, this then was a new ingredient to add onto the grand finale plan. He needed to kill Itachi, but figure out who the other person was, so he could eliminate him also, and whomever else might be capable of hurting Naruto or his team or village.

    However, he needed a team.
    Nobody is truly strong enough to do anything alone.
    That's where Konoha kicks ass.

    So he needed to seek out Itachi first.
    Along the way, he eliminated perhaps one of Akatsukis strongest... Deidara.
    This helped the good guys.

    He eliminated Manda as well, a truly evil summon that won't be able to come back and destroy anything.

    Itachi didn't want Sasuke to find out anything.
    He wanted Sasuke to continue on with his power increasing and save Konoha and Naruto. Itachi wanted Sasuke to take his eyes I believe. Itachi believed in Sasuke.

    Sasuke... Didn't take them.

    He'll do things his own way.

    Finds out about Madara.
    Takes in all the info Madara has about the situation and Itachi.
    Gets new Targets along the way. Realizing the truth, he wants those responsible for putting Itachi through this hell to pay. However, Sasuke isn't the kind of person who would target anybody who wasn't responsible. He would deal with the elders first, before Madara.

    Sasuke then betrays Madara, and doesn't capture the Eight Tails at all, this stalling Akatsukis progress. Causing problems.

    Maybe when Sasuke figured out what Biiju they were after, he knew he had some time, since they had to capture the Biiju one after the other. However, he probably didn't plan on Pain being in Konoha RIGHT NOW trying to take Naruto. He needs more time.

    So he's currently on his way to Konoha.
    He's probably on his way to help Naruto.
    No matter what, he doesn't want Naruto to die.

    Regardless, maybe he's doing something else.
    I still have a weird feeling that everything Sasuke is doing, doesn't just have to do with Revenge for his family... It also has to do with FUTURE PROTECTION of his current loved ones and new important people. He just doesn't wanna feel Helpless ever again.

    So he's doing everything in his power. to gain power... At the same time, eliminating very bad people and threats to Konoha. Itachi. Orochimaru. Deidara. All in the end to inevitably SAVE Naruto from the threat of Akatsuki, and save the world from the threat of Uchiha Madara.

    Everything will go to plan I'm sure.
    Naruto will be saved. Team 7 will be re united.

    However... Sasuke won't be able to deal with Madara alone.
    He'll need his teamates.

    Anyway, your thoughts?
    Sorry for length.

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    i could see what your saying even tho theres not alot of proof to back you up up untill the madara bit. sasuke was fooled in my eyes by itachi i dont think he had any knowledge of madara at all, otherwise he would have wanted to kill him as well for murdering his clan. whatever he has planned since gaining that knowledge sure but i dont think he still knows enough about madara to plan something against him yet.

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    plz try 2 keep ur threads shorter so more people will read them

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    Doesnt he intend on killing innocent citizens to fill the void which is his loss of Itachi?

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    I like your viewpoint on Sasuke. Can't say it's 100% true, but it's an interesting take on him and is entirely plausible.

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    nice one but i don't think that sasuke does give a fuck about naruto hahahaha

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    i only read half of it so far, but i had to take a break. ill get back to it later

    saskue tried to kill naruto. and he didnt know about itachi and his plan for getting naruto. in fact, he resented the fact that itachi came to konoha for naruto instead of him.

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    sasuke has a blank heart, just like itachi said. Everybody could paint it with which colour they want. After defeating Itachi, he knew that mdara was the last one 2 deal with, but after winning the battle against itachi ( exactly, he didnt win, i still think that mdara did something 2 itachi in the past ) he passed out. The next day, he wakes up in a gave with madara infornt of him. Mdara telling everything about his life, itachi and clan.. but there was one missing part: the kyuubi story. He knew kyuubi is inside of naruto, also, kyuubi said before: blablabla just like uchiha madara.. dont kill naruto.

    Sasuke planned every little detail, not as great as his brother, itachi, but time will say. Sasuke didnt kill the 8 tails in purpose, without the 8 tailed, there would be no need to take the 9 tailed, naruto He is just stolling some time and in the end, he will turn on madara and when that time comes, the naruto manga would be AWESOME!!
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    Oh my.. Sasuke? A Hero? Plans? This thread amuses me. You have no capability of being objective here. And I really admired your great skills in telling a story I am slightly disappointed with this thread. Allow me to tell why;

    Even though I may agree with some of what you said, your basing most of your points on assumptions. How is Sasuke a man with real plans when he never had the opportunity to form his own 'identity' apart from the avenger? He has been a puppet since from the beginning. I mean, the first time he sought revenge he ended up regretting his actions, a similar scenario occurs and he continues with his actions most people would get a trickle of a doubt, you know after fucking up once... But for him.. Nope.

    He attacked his friends and went to train with Orochimaru, so he would have the power to defeat Itachi. He attacked Oro because he didn't want his body to be taken over, not to avenge the third or save Konoha. And even then he was being used. If you hadn't noticed, his selfish act would have lead to another attack on Konoha. Because if it wasn't for Itachi, Oro would have Sasuke's body.

    Sasuke fights against evils for his own benefit.

    He's now working with an S class criminal organization, and although he plans on betraying them, he's still doing their dirty work. He's attacking a Jinchuriki, that he knows nothing about. He could be attacking a great hero of the cloud village or Hokage for all he knows. And it's not like he's betraying them to save the world, he doesn't even know what they plan on doing with the Bijuu! He's doing it so he can get the Bijuu Madara promised him, so he can go destroy the backbone of his former village.

    Sasuke does things for his own reasons. He did not liberate any countries because he wanted to. He learned all he could from Oro and TRIED to kill Oro before Oro took his body. The role of Sasuke and why it is inherent to his actions and motives is something you seem to not be able to grasp. Sasuke is NOT supposed to be near heroic.

    I suppose some of your points are true to an extent, but the fact of the matter is that Sasuke will still,eventually meet his befall because he turned his back on the idea of bonds and Naruto. The manga has been centered around this principle, Naruto actually challenges the very idea of shinobi being used as tools and not acknowledging their connections to others.

    Remember his very passionate speech to Zabuza concerning Haku's death? It's a perfect example of how Naruto, who is in a sense, almost like a messenger of the Will of Fire changes people, something that Tsunade considers to be his gift.

    You may raise the argument that many have in response to this claim, and that is that Kishimoto has forgotten about the Will of Fire and it's near impossible for one to imagine someone like Sasuke returning to the Leaf/acknowledging Naruto as a friend once again. Here's the thing, Sasuke is Naruto's rival and because of that role, he will ofcourse, pose the greatest challenge to Naruto morally and physically.

    In theory, Sasuke will finally change his ways perhaps by the end of the manga. It's a great way to end the series.

    Freakshow's out!
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    While I agree with the idea that Sasuke is good at thinking ahead he is Sasuke not Kishimoto hes not writing the manga planning everything ahead.

    Sasuke left the village because he felt himself changing. Even Orochimaru mentioned this he realized the influence Naruto was having on Sasuke and so he sent his sound 4 to provoke him.

    His original desire for revenge was fading because of the new bonds and friendships and desire to protect his friends. Sasuke may have cut some of hi s feelings for his old teammates but he is definatly not trying to help Akatsuki or Madara as he still has a goal of killing those responsible for the Uchiha massacare.

    The idea that Itachi may have wanted Sasuke to protect Naruto is intresting but I'm not sure if back then Itachi 1# could have forseen Naruto and him would be friends and 2# Akatsuki's goal of getting Jinchurikins.

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