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Thread: Itachi = Hero?

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    Itachi = Hero?

    Simple question; Is Itachi a hero or is he not?

    I understand this is debatable and can be quite tiering but answer!

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    Well in part he is.

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    IN his action maybe, but in narutoverse not really. Simply because seeing how strong he is, he needed to kill his whole clan to get a better life for his brother? rofl. He could have taken the hokage position by himself and stopped Madara with Susanoo, by then he would be a hero but after killing his whole clan, rofl...

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    I would say he did what ninjas do, he chose the path that led to the best possible outcome to his situation and what he wanted to happen whether he achieved it or not does not really matter but he definatley acted in konoha's interest and against the elders i would call him a hero, i mean sheesh even tsunade hates the elders.

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    I know that is really spliting hairs as to Itachi being a hero or not being a hero. Itachi in one aspect killed his clan for the greater good of the village, to prevent a civil war within Konoha. On the other hand, he kill his whole clan under orders from Konoha. I see him as someone who was faced with a no-win situation. It was either, see the village that he loved so much be destroyed by civil war from his own clan or take the path of what was the greater good for the village, and eliminate his own clan......

    Really I see him as being a hero for choosing what was best for the village and not just one clan's ambitions.

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    Now, this is hard, but in my opinion. Itachi is a hero. There's a couple reaons why, and I'll state them now.

    1. I understand one would see Itachi killing his clan as something unforgivable, but lets be open minded about it. Had someone else been assigned to kill the clan, would they have left Sasuke alive? There would be no Uchiha left except for Madara. Plus who would be able to kill Itachi lol.

    2. Itachi was a heroes hero. He did things in the back, even though he got no acknowledgment, or was praised, he still took initiative on protecting his home village. Hell, he was looked at as someone who betrayed the village. LOL Konoha still has no idea what really went on with Itachi. He was the main reason Akatsuki never directly attacked Konoha.

    Those two points are enough for me to say that I believe Itachi was indeed a hero.
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    He is a hero.

    He stopped an internal war, and probably a war against other people.

    He killed the emo-clan number one. Too bad he didn't finish the biggest emo of them all.

    He still protected Naruto and Konoha after he left.

    So yes, he is a hero.


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    so to save your city, you have to kill your mom, dad, sister and all your other relatives? Put yourself in that situation, what would you have done. No hero if you ask me.
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    Well a hero is something that is defined by a populous. We(the reader) were presented with his prespective on his actions. So are you(Freakshow) are asking us to decide if he is a hero from our prespective or from what the general populous of the naruto universe beleives?

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    Closing at the request of OP.

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