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    Hey everyone, its me JUiCE, MS' biggest metalhead. Im here with two new GREAT albums for people who like heavy metal/hard rock/rock n roll.

    For those who are fans of Hard Rock bands, the band, Black River comes back with a brand new album, Black' N' Roll

    From left to right:
    Maciek Taff - Vocals (Neolithic, Testor, Geisha Goner, Rootwater)
    Artur "Art” Kempa – Guitar (Soulburners)
    Tomasz 'Orion' Wroblewski - Bass (Behemoth, Neolithic, Vesania)
    Darek "Daray" Brzozowski - Drums (Dimmu Borgir, Neolithic, Pyorrhoea, Vader, Sunwheel, Masachist, Hunter)
    Piotr "Kay" Wtulich - Guitar (Kayzen, Kashtany, Neolithic)

    1. Barf Bag - 03:46
    2. Isabel 03:24
    3. Lucky In Hell - 04:46
    4. Black'n'Roll - 02:05
    5. Breaking the Wall - 03:48
    6. Jumping Queenny Flash - 03:25
    7. Too Far Away - 03:53
    8. Loaded Weapon - 03:40
    9. Morphine - 04:50
    10. Like a Bitch - 03:22
    11. Young'n'Drunk - 04:16

    Total playing time 41:15

    every song is amazing, just is. very good band
    Their 1st album was good as well, self titled, Black River, but it felt like it was more of start up album, to get used to themselves, and how they contribute in the band. And then, this album comes out a year later, proving themselves more than just some musicians from really fast heavy metal bands. truly an amazing band, album, and just a group of very talented musicians.

    its pretty tripped out, how the bass player in Black River is none other than Orion, bass player from Blackened Death Metal band Behemoth, and front man/guitarist from his own band, Vesania. For him to make a jump from blackened death metal/philosophical metal, to hard rock, its both awesome and, he plays a very good role in Black River, for anyone who isn't in the whole black metal/death metal thing, they are just a hard rock band, no "SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!...y eah!"


    for those semi hard rock/ rock n roll listeners, Them Crooked Vultures

    From left to right:
    John Paul Jones - John Paul Jones – Bass, Keyboard, Piano, Keytar, Slide Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals (Led Zeppelin, Donovan, Foo Fighters, Butthole Surfers)
    Josh Hoome - Lead Vocals, Guitars (Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, UNKLE, Mondo Generator, Goon Moon, Masters of Reality, The Desert Sessions, Screaming Trees, Fififf Teeners, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Lupe Fiasco, Biffy Clyro)
    Dave Grohl - Drums, Vocals (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Scream, Tenacious D, Killing Joke, Queens of the Stone Age, Probot)
    (live member)Alain Johannes – Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals (Eleven, Queens of the Stone Age, Desert Sessions, Anthym, What Is This?, Jason Falkner, Jack Irons, Spinnerette, Chris Cornell, UNKLE, Mark Lanegan Band, Millionaire, Eagles of Death Metal, Mondo Generator)

    1. No One Loves Me & Neither Do I - 5:10
    2. Mind Eraser, No Chaser - 4:07
    3. New Fang - 3:49
    4. Dead End Friends - 3:15
    5. Elephants - 6:50
    6. Scumbag Blues - 4:26
    7. Bandoliers - 5:42
    8. Reptiles - 4:16
    9. Interlude with Ludes - 3:45
    10. Warsaw or the First Breath You Take After You Give Up - 7:50
    11. Caligulove - 4:55
    12. Gunman - 4:45
    13. Spinning in Daffodils - 7:28

    iTunes pre-order songs:
    14. No One Loves Me & Neither Do I (Live)
    15. Gunman (Live)

    Them Crooked Vultures is a band that I've been so fucking hyped about and waited all this time to listen to because..the band is a supergroup with none other than Josh Homme from Queens of The Stone Age doing vocals and guitars, legendary Led Zeppelin bass player John Paul Jones doing bass, keyboards, back-up vocals, piano, keytar, slide guitar, and mandolin, and the drummer ISSSS..*drum roll* pretty much legendary Nirvana drummer, and vocalist/guitarist of Foo Fighters Dave Grohl doing drums, percussion and back-up vocals

    their debut album will be coming out the 17th of November, and i cant wait!
    The debut self titled album can be heard at their Youtube Channel

    Them Crooked Vultures Youtube Channel

    this band i really really recommend, even if you dont like hard rock and only listen to AAAAANIMUUUUU M00SIK, you should know when you hear good music, Them Crooked Vultures is truly a prayer answered by the rock god, Lemmy from Motorhead

    you can really hear the Led Zeppelin like influence in this band..then again, friggin JOHN PAUL JONES!!! is the bass player, not only the bass player, he plays so many other instruments

    Did you like the bands, and have a myspace account?
    Black River's Myspace
    Them Crooked Vultures' Myspace

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    Umm yeah overall the album is pretty good the only problem there is just some mainstream songs in it. Not that it's a bad thing just not my taste.


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    This is the current playlist of Absolute Xtreme - an English radio channel.
    They got a lot of awesome music!

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    Last edited by Phixion; 06-19-2010 at 10:37 AM.


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    1."(D├ębut)" – 1:27
    2."Godspeed" – 3:02
    3."Adelaide" – 3:14
    4."A Whisper & A Clamor" – 3:25
    5."The Unwinding Cable Car" – 4:17
    6."There Is No Mathematics To Love and Loss" – 3:11
    7."Hello Alone" – 4:00
    8."Alexithymia" – 3:23
    9."Reclusion" – 3:31
    10."Inevitable" – 3:47
    11."Dismantle. Repair." – 4:18
    12."(*Fin)" – 8:53

    Special-edition bonus tracks
    13."Uncanny" - 3:28
    14."There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" (The Smiths cover) - 4:17
    15."The Promise" (When In Rome cover) - 3:17

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    When I'm with you
    (has to be an all time favorite)


    There Is A Fountain
    (An old hymn done in Japanese ...I think)


    (brings back memories)

    I am not perfect and I defy you to prove otherwise
    Growing Old Gracefully is an Oxymoron ... Mostly Moron !

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