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    My gift to this thread:

    Rise Against - Appeal to Reason

    Track Listing
    # Title
    1. "Collapse (Post-Amerika)"
    2. "Long Forgotten Sons"
    3. "Re-Education (Through Labor)"
    4. "The Dirt Whispered"
    5. "Kotov Syndrome"
    6. "From Heads Unworthy"
    7. "The Strength to Go On"
    8. "Audience of One"
    9. "Entertainment"
    10. "Hero of War"
    11. "Savior"
    12. "Hairline Fracture"
    13. "Whereabouts Unknown"

    Password: for this? (May have problems, working on it)


    I love "Savior" personally, check it out on youtube if you want a preview. Enjoy.

    Keep this thread up!
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    Thanks Advocat! Rise Against sounds promising and I'll give it a shot. If you like "pop-punk" then you should give Against Me a shot (lol, similar names). I can see if I can upload some albums if you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgsplayer View Post
    i invite you all to discover tomoko kawase
    Wiki page
    I find her music a bit messy to be honest, She tries a bit too hard to turn all her songs into some almighty sort of power ballad rock :/

    There is one song of hers that I really like though, Pray.
    It was the first OP single for Gintama, Haven't gotten tired of hearing it yet, good, catchy song.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franky View Post
    Thanks Advocat! Rise Against sounds promising and I'll give it a shot. If you like "pop-punk" then you should give Against Me a shot (lol, similar names). I can see if I can upload some albums if you want.
    Please do!

    I'm a fan of pop-punk, melodic, and generally rock music. Alien Ant Farm, Mute Math, Social Distortion, Zebrahead, 30 Seconds to Mars, things like that. The Killers, Foo Fighters, Black Sabbath, Pantera, Iron Maiden are the older and more well known I also enjoy (just to name a few of course).

    I'll throw some more up here for sure.

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    A little "pop-punk", give it a listen:

    Against Me - New Wave

    Track List:
    1. New Wave
    2. Up The Cuts
    3. Thrash Unreal
    4. White People For Peace
    5. Stop!
    6. Borne On The FM Waves Of The Heart
    7. Piss And Vinegar
    8. Americans Abroad
    9. Animal
    10. The Ocean

    Against Me - New Wave

    Password: mangashare?


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    google images
    This is Sam Roberts' latest album, Love at the End of the World. He happens to be one of my favorite artists, along with Pink Floyd, Ben Harper and Moist. Them kids and Detroit '67 have been hits off of the album and he has yet to release any others, but, honestly, they're not the best songs on the album. (In my opinion, that is.) Notable tracks aside from those are... the entire album is great, just give it a listen.


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    Alright, this is for anyone who likes rock but only to a certain degree and don't like heavy rock music, jumpy and gives off that punky-sound and not suck like punk rock, I Recommend Audioslave, all three albums are awesome, but my personal favorite is their 1st, self titled, Audioslave. The voice that chris cornell offers on this albums, just..beautiful, and the guitar sound/work tom morello brings too us is just...JUMPY! Makes u wanna catch cars on fire and take ur shirt off and drink till u can't no
    I love the bass work on here by Tim Commerford, I love how its different than with Rage Against the Machine, the drumming of Brad Wilk is just awesome, way way different than any other band he's played, Ex Rage Against The Machine and Puscifer.

    Audioslave - Audioslave

    2.Show Me How to Live
    4.What You Are
    5.Like A Stone
    6.Set it Off
    7.Shadow on the Sun
    8.I Am the Highway
    11.Bring Em Back Alive
    12.Light My Way
    13.Getaway Car
    14.The Last Remaining Light

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    if, by any reason, the link didn't work, just tell me and i'll re-upload it. thanks!
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    thank god i'm an atheist!

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    Smile Lamb of God - Wrath

    Alright people, this time I bring a band much heavier than the last one I recommended.
    Back when I 1st got into heavy metal I used to think and say these guys, back then the haviest band I listened to was slayer, but then after seeing these dudes play live around 4 grew into me, and now, man i love lamb of god, badass band!
    The reason i want to reccomend this to non- lamb of god listeners is because this is their newest album, came out the 24th of february(if im wrong correct me) and like every previous LoG cd, this one is by far, the most different one they have, although none are the same..and i sometimes confuse their "Ashes of The Wake" album with their "As The Palaces Burn". The album, do i say, well for one..DIFFERENT..its more of a groove metal album than a pure metal album, although IMO their release before "Wrath" , named "Sacrament" is way better than this one, but none the less, this cd is still worth listening to, hope ya enjoy this^^

    (songs with a[*] mean that those are songs are highly recommeded by me)
    Band : Lamb of God
    Album Name : Wrath

    1. The Passing[*]
    2. In Your Words[*]
    3. Set To Fail [**]
    4. Contractor
    5. Fake Messiah[*]
    6. Grace[*]
    7. Broken Hands [***]
    8. Dead Seeds[*]
    9. Everything To Nothing[*]
    10. Choke Sermon
    11. Reclamation[*]

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    for all the metal heads in here, i've brought to the table THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER with one of thier best albums, NOCTURNAL

    "Everything Went Black" - 3:17
    "What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse" - 3:50
    "Virally Yours" - 3:02
    "I Worship Only What You Bleed" - 1:59
    "Nocturnal" - 3:12
    "Deathmask Divine" - 3:37
    "Of Darkness Spawned" - 3:22
    "Climactic Degradation" - 2:39
    "To a Breathless Oblivion" - 4:57
    "Warborn" - 4:40

    the black dahlie murder - nocturnal

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    anyone can challenge me
    thats just one more NOOB i'd be glad to PWN


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