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    My gift to this thread:

    Rise Against - Appeal to Reason

    Track Listing
    # Title
    1. "Collapse (Post-Amerika)"
    2. "Long Forgotten Sons"
    3. "Re-Education (Through Labor)"
    4. "The Dirt Whispered"
    5. "Kotov Syndrome"
    6. "From Heads Unworthy"
    7. "The Strength to Go On"
    8. "Audience of One"
    9. "Entertainment"
    10. "Hero of War"
    11. "Savior"
    12. "Hairline Fracture"
    13. "Whereabouts Unknown"

    Password: for this? (May have problems, working on it)


    I love "Savior" personally, check it out on youtube if you want a preview. Enjoy.

    Keep this thread up!
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