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    Quote Originally Posted by Bringmethehorizon View Post
    That's a logical fallacy called Argumentum ad consequentiam
    is an argument that concludes a premise to be either true or false based on whether the premise leads to a consequences.
    In other words you cannot say something is truth or not by what would happen, because that "would" don't exist & you're judging the veracity of something wich did happended with something that didn't
    Couldnt have said it better myself bro.

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    Oro lost something in this battle that no one has mentioned yet. Manda. Manda was absolutely pissed at Oro after that fight and told him he'd kill him himself if Oro didn't have a proper sacrifice the next time he was summoned, although we know how that ended for Manda.

    Also, ackwell, Tsunade wasn't just afraid of blood. She had a phobia of it. A phobia is an irrational fear. Tsunade was absolutely avoiding her trigger at all costs, she left her own home.

    You also said that Oro hadn't lost any lifespan. Oro is only as healthy as the body he is in. He certainly lost some life by stressing out the body which already had part of it taken away. If Oro overestimates his body, which could easily be his downfall, he will die. Oro doesn't have an immortal physical body, only his soul is immortal.

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