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Thread: konoha village

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    Naruto konoha village

    in anyother village if you leave it or abandoned it they will send hunter ninja after you, so why does konoha village send hunter ninja after sasuke are itachi,.,.. ok they did send one hunter ninja named sai (are so that what they called him for that mission)to kill sasuke but weak naruto corrupted his fragile little mind.,.,., O yea sai can easily kill sasuke


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    Sai is not a hunter-nin. He was given an order as an ANBU Roots member to assassinate Sasuke. Well, I have a few guesses on this:

    1) There were Missing-nin sent, and got horribly pwned.
    2) Orochimaru and Sasuke were to powerful, so the village didn't waste manpower sending hunters after them.
    3) Tsunade respects the fact that Naruto is trying to get Sasuke back, and doesn't send hunter-nin.

    O yea sai can easily kill sasuke
    HIGHLY doubt that. Sasuke had Sai frightened like hell just by staring at him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bankai View Post
    O yea sai can easily kill sasuke
    I love your persuasive skills.

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