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    Woohooo, today I watched the 23rd episode. And... wow, the series is simply rocking again, Simon is ftw with his new look and with that coat with the logo of Gurren.

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    悪い海賊キャプテン SUSHI! Sushi's Avatar
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    Lol 23, 24 is already out.

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    파이팅!!! Cr4zy's Avatar
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    I smell the drill power from my house....

    The last episode of Gurren-Lagann is near!

    SPIN ON!

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    I finished watching TTGL three days ago and... bufff... what a crazy end. This anime is EPIC!! The best shonen anime in the past years, really. A must see from now on


    By the way, what the hell is that image on the first message??

    This one:
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    sign me up. I love that show

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    yea sign me up too ^^ kamina ftw


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