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    Why don't other characters use kage bunshin to train?

    Why don't other characters use kage bunshin to train? Especially Sasuke.

    Even if it's just two at a time... that doubles their training.

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    They don't have enough chakra. Kisame could do that, but most ninjas do not have enough chakra.

    Kage Bunshin splits your chakra equally among your clones, so your training is weaker.

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    Yeh, it's only suitable for chakra freaks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    Kakashi explains this in the training chapters with Naruto. Go back and read the manga.
    yea he does explain that when he tells naruto how to use it for training.

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    just because you can do a kagebushin doesnt nessessary mean ur good at it. take sasuke for example when he was first learning the great fireball jutsu. when he first did it it was small, cuz he didnt put enough chakara into it. if sasuke was to do the kagebushin he would exhaust his chakara by 1/2 and thus training will be 1/2 as short. someone like naruto with stamina recovery can do a kagebushin and recover from the nine tails.
    besides that its also a forbidden jutsu, cause it damages the user and can exhaust the user to death.
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    They don't have as much chakra as naruto

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    Well some ninjas have more talent so they basically dont need to train with kage bunshins, but this doesnt mean Naruto has little talents, no, he just needed to gain strenght in extremely less time. It took him few days to learn ninja jutsus that would take months for geniuses like Yondaime, Oro, or even Itachi. Even Kisame with hundred of bunshins wouldnt be so succesful as Naruto. Hes just Kage Bunshin Master to the bone, it was his first usefull jutswu after all.
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    not having enough chakra, that is one of the reasons it was a forbidden jutsu in the first place if u didn't have enough chakra.

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    I believe it has something to do with Cost-benefit. Its just too costly to train using Kage Bunshins for too little gain for most people. Its great for Naruto because, as he said himself, he can be one or one thousand. So in Naruto's case the cost is outweighed by the benefit.

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    naruto can do it because he has the kyuubi chakra to back him up hence why he's able to create 100 clones

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