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    Tokyo Red Hood ~ Benkyo Tamaoki

    Alternative title:
    東京赤ずきん Tokyo Akazukin (Japanese)
    Tokyo Red Hood (English)

    Genres: Seinen | Action | Fantasy | Horror

    # of Chapters: n/a

    Vintage: 2003
    Tokyo Red Hood is about an eleven year old girl who usually just goes by the name of Akazukin(Little Red Riding Hood). She has a sick obsession with a being known only as Mr. Wolf and wants nothing more then to be eaten by him to end her "immortal" life. Akazukin has lost all of her memories and doesn't even know who she really is. Her reason to want to be eaten by Mr. Wolf is not even know to her, instead it's a desire that is locked deep within her consciousness.

    The beings of the world are mainly made up of two forces. The people who aid Akazukin in her search for Mr. Wolf, and the people who try and keep Akazukin away from Mr. Wolf. The people of the church and disciples of God try and stop Akazukin from completing her mission to meet Mr. Wolf. Their reason for doing this is because if Akazukin is eaten by the Wolf, it would bring along an end to the world and human kind as it exists in the present day. The people who's origins are from the underworld aid Akazukin to find Mr. Wolf so the fate of the world being destroyed can be fulfilled. They mainly do this discreetly and behind the shadows.

    Akazukin works as an organ harvester for an Italian butcher named Marco. From there she hunts new bodies for him and all the while tries to find Mr. Wolf. Along the way she meets villains who stand in her way from fulfilling her wish to be eaten by Mr. Wolf.
    I first got into this manga through the #Lurk channel where a few of the Lurkers were discussing it. I wasn't paying much attention to the convo but I decided to download the first volume anyway. All I knew about Tokyo Red Hood was that it was violent, it had loli sex, and the plot was confusing. Needless to say those three things I mentioned above piqued my interest enough to read it. When I started reading it I was immediately was thrown into it. The first chapter was hard to understand and it seemed the story would be to complex, but it starts making more sense as you start reading it. The artwork is one thing that should be mentioned for this manga because it is in fact, beautiful artwork. The cast of characters are all complex and have a background that leave you wondering wtf. The thought that this manga has "loli sex" might turn many people off from this manga, but it shouldn't. Tokyo Red Hood blends all of its genre into something different and offers the reader something new. Don't let this one pass you by.

    WARNING: This manga is not for those with a weak stomach or constitution. It can get very gorey and suggestible throughout the entire manga. You've been warned.

    Latest Chapters
    Tokyo Red Hood - Chapter 023
    Manga Volumes
    Tokyo Red Hood - Volume 01 (Chapter 001-005)
    Tokyo Red Hood - Volume 02 (Chapter 006-012)
    Tokyo Red Hood - Volume 03 (Chapter 013-019)
    Tokyo Red Hood - Volume 04 (Chapter 020-022)
    *Note - Volume 4 is the last volume, but it hasn't been fully scanlated
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