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    One Piece One Piece 380 Discussion

    VS released the subbed version.

    get it here

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    This is easily my favorite episode of the entire series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1KSuns View Post
    This is easily my favorite episode of the entire series.
    yea..and the song sounds good, does anyone knows the origin of this song?

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    meh! episode for me. I don't like Brook that much so it's to be expected. I love the song though Binke no sake

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    i dont like the song -.-, when they started to play this song -.- i felt like One Piece started to suck -.- was about to close the window (the one where one piece is) lol, instead of skip it <,<, cuz i never skip a sec of ONE PIECE(except for openings some times o,o), booring episode... buuu

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    One of my favorite Episodes. I love Brooks crew and his Captain

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    I remember reading the part where Brooke's crew was fading away while giving their last performance and thought... Oda... amazing... again... It is nice to see it animated with full song.

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