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    Indeed, his face is rounder and he looks shorter.


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    Did anyone think that one of those arrancar that was facing against Histuguya's team had a release just a little too similar to the one that fought Ikkaku a while back.

    Sidenote: You can't blame Kubo for the fillers stupid animators make.


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    they did resemble the arracannar that were already killed

    made by [DFX]
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    the entire ep was an insult to ulquiorra

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    i agree, that it felt really insulting towards ulquiorra, but ulquiorra notices everything, just like in the manga, when he found out what grimm did to those 2 guards of orihime and took her to heal ichigo, he found them in a matter of seconds...

    all i can say is aizen just created an illusion with his shikai form of his zanpakutou

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    Quote Originally Posted by dark_atom_5 View Post
    the entire ep was an insult to ulquiorra
    so true


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    i cant wait ulq rules

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