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    Quote Originally Posted by slavkovski View Post
    i always think sakura have a genjutsu basic wasnt meaning sakura can use genjutsu... it just mean at least sakura are smart enough and will know if someone try to put him in genjutsu in an instant and can be quickly release the genjutsu..

    isnt some one, i think its jiraiya, who stated that genjutsu are mainly base on "brain"??.. so if u smart enough to notice a genjutsu before it really hit u u can release from it..

    just like in the chuunin exam, when the sound and sand start the attack and put genjutsu in the audience who watch the exam sakura noticing it right away and release it?? and shikamaru also shino doesnt catch by the genjutsu also... thats because those three are smarter than kiba, choiji, ino, hinata etc.. who got caught...
    Well the general idea is using Genjutsu requires a great deal of intellegence because genjutsu works by taking control of the 5 sense of the opponet.

    Sakura was always the brightest of the 3 and was recognized as a Genjutsu type with potential to surpass Tsunade by Kakashi.

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    I don't think they will get the title of Sannins because it holds no official rank in the Ninja society. So its possible they will get titles of their own. O just legendary status. But I doubt Sasuke will get one since he's a rouge ninja with no alliance to any village.
    oooh yeah huh? the only reason jiraiya,orochimaru and tsunade were called sannins was cause they fought against that super strong ninja

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    hand banana is right, legedary sennins is for ero, oro en 5th hokage. Naruto will become hokage, sakura his right hand, and sasuke is gonna start the wil of fire in konoha all by himself.

    Also, just think about it.. oro said it himself when: sasuke killed all those ninja's without having even a scratch.. so that means that sasuke was stronger than oro at THAT AGE, but ORO had more knowledgde en battle experience, so that means if oro wasnt sick, sasuke would have a difficult way to win. Also Hand banana said: that ORO let him win pshical, and wanted to win by mental power.. thats a good point.
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