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    saukras always been left out

    : thanks to sir Chaos

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    Unless Kishi pulla rabbit out of his ass, Sakura shouldnt have even got to 50% of tsunade potential.

    As for Sasuke, if it wasn't for the sharingan unlimited super overpowered power. Then he couldnt do shit against orochimaru.

    As for naruto, he's learning slowy but his stupidity is still his weakness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freakshow View Post
    I though this was obvious; When I pointed out everyone were like whining about my fanboism...

    Also Sasuke being able to bend the Fushi Tensi Dimension with CS + Will Power + Sharingan? When the hell was that ever a Sharingan Power and how the hell did he use CS against Orochimaru to strengthen his will when its suppose to weaken his will?

    Clearly Oro wanted to fight Itachi. He was using Sasuke.
    Wow agree with the thread you posted . I'd never seen it that way

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    Quote Originally Posted by colas View Post
    dont forget how sakura also has talent in genjutsu, so that will be enough to surpass tsunade, Thats if she learns how to use it
    The focus on Sakuras development will be part of the begining of 2009 I believe shortly after Pains attack I hope.

    Kishi did say her development would be after Kakashi's incident so we just have to wait and see.

    Who is going to teach her genjutsu is the real question would be cool if they introduced a new character. Then again Sakura is soo smart she may develop it all on her own.

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    i thought we all knew that sakura was the weakest out of the group?

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    It is all ironic how these 3 developed the same way the Sannin did but with different background stories

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClaSSiiK Xx View Post
    It is all ironic how these 3 developed the same way the Sannin did but with different background stories
    You mean it's coincidental.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuroihikari View Post
    You mean it's coincidental.
    yes... err no

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    it's not ironic or coincidental, they developed into similar characters of their teachers/mentors. That happens, you are more similar to those in your, lets say family, than any other random person.

    Plus, I don't see it as Orochimaru winning against Sasuke and wanting Itachi.
    There is no logic in that, just speculation on a persons motives.
    While I'm not a fan of the Uchiha, it is known that they are considered to have incredible and kinda malevolent chakra. Orochimaru has nothing stated about his chakra capacity probably meaning, even though he is a genius, that in that category he is probably wholly average (unlike Jiraiya who is stated to have a lot of chakra).
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    Fan of the Rasengan Doujutsu theory, even though it's dead. Although, he does have the special Uzumaki clan blood.

    Quote Originally Posted by thorofasgard13 View Post
    Because he's the hero the shinobi world deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. Naruto.

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    Yea i could see Sakura surpassing Tsunade medical wise, mainly because of how she was able to synthesize an antidote for Sasoris poison in sure a short time.

    I'm starting to believe Orochimaru let Sasuke absorb him once his psychical body was defeated. You have to admit, he was using Sasuke the whole time. Even down to the last minute. Knowing Sasuke was going to find Itachi no matter once, he planned his timing perfect to exit Sasuke. Its just unfortunate he didn't expect Itachi to use those weapons.
    Really .....To me he looked completely shocked that he wasn't able to take control, the plan to bale out of him when he was out of chakra seem more like a secondary plan.
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