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    If This Story... Wasn't a Story

    If This Story, Wasn't a Story

    Lets pretend the story of Naruto never had a little Naruto kid to come along to provide us with a Hero to tell a kids story to.

    This means, the story is really dark and the cruelest methods could provide the best results. Obviously this shinobi world has been in wars for hundreds of years and that is just the way it would continue. So, these ninjas would remain killing machines, and heartless. It would mean that Konoha wouldn't of really adapted this petty little Will of Fire idea, and being actually "Good." Since they are paid money to do ninja missions and often kill people.

    So as a military organization, who do we have?

    The Third Hokage. He is very strong. Orochimaru, Jiraiya and Tsunade are his students.
    Naturally, Orochimaru is the one The Third favours for his obvious talents, and is selected to be your fourth Hokage.

    Ok now lets stop and think about this for a sec. If this story was never a story about Naruto, and all it was about was gaining military advantage to be the strongest country, then it would make obvious sense at this point... To Choose... this amazingly talented Shinobi Orochimaru to be the Fourth Hokage.

    By making this decision, the Third has entrusted Orochimaru to protect the village with all his power.

    In the story today, Orochimaru was experimenting on becoming the most powerful immortal Shinobi.

    If There was no Naruto story, the Third would of understood the sacrifices it took to make KONOHAS future Hokage as POWERFUL as possible in order to protect them all.
    The only reason Orochimaru left was because his Village objected to his methods of obtaining great power.

    By doing this, he felt abandonned by his family and village. If there was no Naruto story focusing on being goody goody for people to have a great read, then the shinobi world would be dark. If this was a ninja world, and Konoha had these Shinobi, they would go out themselves and provide Orochimaru with sacrifices to get himself stronger and protect the village.

    If Orochimaru had support for his greatness. And was allowed to use the methods of experimentation, he would be a loyal leader and Hokage. Not only that, his mind is great. He is a great leader.
    There must be thousands of criminals and runnaway shinobi who Konoha could capture, and sentence him to Death by Hokage for Strength Development. Rather than just kill the shinobi out in the field, why not just bring him back alive to strengthen your own hokage and village? That would seem to be the smartest decision.

    Konoha would of made Orochimaru Hokage, and would of supported him, and provided sacrifices as the criminals in the Shinobi world. Sacrifices for a good cause.
    Imagine if Orochimaru obtained his Immortality and Body transfer technique, and when Konoha Jounin were out in the field, came across a very strong shinobi. They could together with teamwork, trap him, capture him, and bring him back as a stronger vessel for Orochimaru later on. With that kind of support, Orochimaru would gladly protect the village, since he would be so strong soon enough, he would have.

    Jesus, if he wanted the Sharingan, he would of just had Konoha capture a very strong one for him, same shit. They were in his own village. If he requested one, they would allow him to for his own Power. The power to protect Konoha and the Uchihas included.

    So if he was made Hokage, think of the benefits.

    We would of STILL had our amazing Future Fifth Hokage, Namikaze Minato. Who is perhaps our second most talented Shinobi behind Orochimaru. His future would be bright.

    But how would we still have Minato, he died in the Kyuubi attack?

    Well, if Konoha had Orochimaru as Hokage during the Kyuubi attack, the problem would of been dealt with almost immediately with little to no sacrifices.

    Why? Because Orochimaru would of been able to summon the First and Second back from the dead WHENEVER HE WANTED. With no Shiiki Fuujin to seal their souls away forever, they would be re ressurrectable. Meaning, Shodai would always be there to fight if Konoha needed him. This means, NO UCHIHA WOULD EVER dare cross Orochimaru, who would be backed by Konoha, because he would simply bring back the asskicker of Uchihas. And his brother.

    The Senju.

    Meaning. The Kyuubi is captured by Shodais Mokuuton, and he is locked up somewhere in Konoha.

    Well, what should Konoha do with the trapped Kyuubi? Which just happens to be the strongest of the Biiju. A Biiju being a weapon that can give a country amazing power in this military world.

    Minato says: "WOW! Great Job Orochimaru, you saved the village. AND DUDE!!! I had a Baby BOY!!! I'm gonna name him Uzumaki Naruto. I was thinking, it just so happens that My son... Has the perfect chakra type to harness the Kyuubi. He might make a good jiinchurikee and definitely put us at the top of the Shinobi world."

    Orochimaru says "Ku Ku Ku.... You're willing to give up your sons life for that type of sacfirice?"

    Minato says: "... Fuck yah. Anything for you Orochimaru."

    Orochiamru smiles.

    With Orochimaru as Hokage, the Third would of been able to retire, and watch Prisonbreak with his feet up. Knowing Orochimaru and Minato were down there working together, it would of been the utmost domination.
    Konoha, with like every Shinobi at their disposal. Starting from the First, to the Fourth.

    And when the Third dies.... He would also be able to come back as a summon for Orochimaru. So your Hokages never ever stop protecting you.
    Orochimaru would have a Sharingan. His Immortality Technique. His Summons. His Edo Tensei.
    And he would dominate the entire world.

    That would of been the smartest choice for Konoha and it's people.... If.... This wasn't a story about good guys and a little Shinobi changing that type of world, into a world of love and respect.

    I understand it's supposed to end good. And the Konohanians have been labeled the Will of Fire, good guys. And what they do is good.

    All i'm saying, is even Konoha ordered one of their own to slay an entire clan.
    Konoha sacrificed one of their own (Nejis Hyuuga father) even when it was the other clan that tried to kidnap and steal the Byakkugan.
    Konoha should of defended the Hyuugas. Not given up one of their own in an apology.
    Konoha has also done their fair share of dirty things.

    I guess the point of this thread is simple.... Orochimaru would of made the Strongest Hokage in Konoha history, and would of always remained, Konohas Fourth Hokage, since he'd live forever, and always just get stronger. It's inevitable that he would not only dominate the Fire Country, but the entire world sooner or later.

    We miss you Orochimaru.
    We await your return.
    We know you lost your parents and were alone as a child.
    We know your village turned their back on you.
    We know you will obtain your power.

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    DUDE, you think to deeply into things, chill >_<

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    I think to deeply into things? I was simply elaborating.
    The point of this story is that ONE individual (Namikaze Naruto) will change the Shinobi world entirly and rid it of wars and chaos.

    As where, these wars have been fought for hundreds of years, and it was a known fact that Villages tried to get Biiju to help them as weapons. So that they could be strong as a military country.

    If there was no Naruto story, Konoha would of made the right decision choosing Orochimaruas the Fourth, cause his potential is greater than any other before him.

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    I don't care if they don't read it.
    My posts deserve the time to read.
    Since what I am saying is fact.
    This is some intellectual shit here.
    To deep for many.

    But Win all round.

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    it isn't a fact if it started with an IF...
    "Either Die as a Hero... or live long enough to see yourself becoming the villain..."
    "Knowledge is power"

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    I am sure if there was no Minato and Naruto in the story the title of 4th would have gone to someone else besides Orochimaru. Most likely it would have gone to Jiraya.

    Look at Konohas history of leaders and you will see that they choose leaders that would care for the people over those with power. If it would have been election by who is more bad ass then Konoha would have been the same as a hidden mist clone.

    I would have to say that because the leaders of Konoha actually care for their village it gives them a broader range of clans that want to live and fight for them. Thus making them what the biggest ninja village.

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    Then why was Orochimaru shocked when he saw Sarutobi use the sealing jutsu ..................

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    Ackwell... Great read! Seriously... You've outdone yourself on this.. ^^

    Quote Originally Posted by Advocat View Post

    I rhyme.
    Less ignorance thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slavkovski View Post
    it isn't a fact if it started with an IF...
    Quote Originally Posted by Advocat View Post

    I rhyme.
    Another Orochimaru is the center of the universe thread with Freakshow approved Logic....

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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    This thread is retarded. Naruto or no Naruto you still have Minato. Minato was stronger and better than Oro. THE END

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