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    what u think is what it is... summon and desummon...

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    Quote Originally Posted by K-oz View Post
    the "space" jutsu would probably be similar to what Kakashi's MS does. I assume.

    But there is definetly space jutsu because when Hebi rushed to meet with Sasuke and Suigetsu said to Sasuke "you used space jutsu didnt you?"
    jiraiya told naruto way back when he was teaching him the kuchiyose jutsu, that it was a space time jutsu. go read chapter 92. i think that sasuke summoned manda and genjutsu'd manda into protecting him, then suigetsu used the blood and the scroll to summon manda to his position. if it was just a space jutsu then sasuke wouldnt have needed to summon manda

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    even if it were summon and desummon that sitll requires a shitload of chakra to be able to pull off. And I dont think that Kakashi could "space jutsu" such a friggin huge explosion. So saying "why didnt he just use it on the xplosion" is friggin insane did we all forget how GIGANTIC that was?

    The explosion that we saw kakashi use space jutsu on was NOTHING compared the the final bang of deidara. Do you seriously believe that Kakashi could do the same thing to THAT?

    And also it takes kakashi time to 'prepare' his eye or whatever. if you wanna add that in.

    In any case, using that type of jutsu was not an option. The summon - desummon sounds way more plausible. So I'll agree with you guys on it. It's a sound theory.

    However about Sasuke's abilities I dont think that 'space jutsu' is out of Sasuke's range. As we've seen his improvement has become inmense. And yes I wont deny that there is a certain level of favoritism towards Sasuke because he's the author's favorite character but at hte same time...there's always been a certain level of favoritism towards Sasuke this is NOT new. I mean come on every show u you watch has favoritetism towards SOMEBODY. Sasuke isnt completely unstoppable, heck Rock Lee and Gaara beat him.

    Any how I honestly hate the "Sasuke apparently has an infinite amount of chakra" argument, because it's silly. It incredibly silly and uninformed.

    Look at the databooks, 1 and 2. Sasuke show's a pretty big improvement on his chakra reserves, so it must mean this is something he's been working on. Look at Naruto, he just keeps goin n goin n goin almost never tiring, and Sasuke already has bad experiences with running out of chakra, so why wouldnt he work on improving this? It's not like everyone is born with a certain amount of chakra and it never changes. Every attribute can be improved on and it only makes LOGICAL SENSE for Sasuke to want to attain more chakra during his training.

    Thus if within months he could make a big improvement. Imagine in 3 years? Plus the cursed seal gives him extra chakra to work with. This is kishimoto's way of evenin out the plane between Naruto/Kyuubi and Sasuke/CS2. Eventually I believe the goal is for them to be truly equal.

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    Just a small comment on the "infinite chakra" issue:

    Kabuto managed to summon Manda for Orochimaru, Jiraiya manage to summon Gamabunta and Tsunade managed to summon Katsuyu after each one of them had been injured or incapacitated in some way. Kabuto was basically down for the count after Naruto's Rasengan (he ran out of chakra healing himself from the damage), Jiraiya was still partially effected by the pills Tsunade gave him (and he'd been fighting Orochimaru for a pretty long time) and Tsunade had just used for her forehead seal and that has got to take a lot out of her.

    So the fact that Sasuke managed to summon Manda late in the fight (after using chidori and CS2), while surprising, is not totally without precedent.

    Besides... Chakra lasts as long as it is needed to finish the fight... Look at Shikamaru during the Hidan fight. He displayed stamina in that fight that far surpassed anything that he had done before, since it was an important battle and essential to his victory. Also, Naurto fighting Kakuzu went from being able to use the FRS "barely twice" to three times, a 50% improvement! Kakashi in the same battle used chidori at least 4 times, and said that he would've had to rely on MS if Team 7 hadn't arrived, a considerable improvement from his part 1 chakra reserves. Especially considering he didn't end up in the hospital afterwards.

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    Kakashi's MS had an appearance while chasing after deidara where he used a space time jutsu similar to that of madara's where he successfully tore off deidara's arm and again where he used the same jutsu to save both himself and choji from pain's rods during the destruction of the hidden leaf village

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