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What a lot of us seem to forget is that with the filler they've managed to maintain the gap with the manga.

Think about it. Where were we when Shippuuden started?

We're still within 100 chapters. Near enough the same gap we had if not smaller than when Shippuuden started.

(I just realized that I can't explain without posting a spoiler, hence the vagueness)
Here's my question...'Is such a wide gap needed?'

I mean Naruto as a manga has a lot of storyline to it. wouldn't it take a while for the anime to catch up to to the manga without fillers? If so, why do they continue to create them? Why not simply take some liberties with the manga's story and flesh out some of the condensed areas to add episodes here and there?

In an anime like Bleach I can understand why you need fillers (even if they suck ass) because Bleach's storyline goes absolutely nowhere for like 60 f'king chapters at a time!

Anyways just asking.