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    Quote Originally Posted by 48dreams View Post
    Well I wouldn't say I disregard America just because of their nationality, quite actually, I enjoy my fair share of cartoons. I just wish America allowed more. So if I'm passing off as saying, "America sucks" well, no. I'm getting completely mixed up. O.o I'm not much of a socializer anywhere, so I'm trying to get past that. -.- Any person has the potential to surpass another I guess would be what I want to say. Though I can see that I seem to be going everywhere.
    Well, what I was meant was I thought it's silly to dislike cartoons from America simply due to the reason that they're from America. I didn't mean to imply that people who dislike American cartoons dislike the country itself. D:

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    well, IMO, anime is anime and [american] cartoons are cartoons; they are different genres of entertainment that can only be compared and will never become each other.

    and another thing i should add is that if more people purchased anime (and not download) more often, then maybe American broadcasters will warm up to more anime on TV or higher quality animated dramas (when they realize they are big money-makers).

    i personally don't like American cartoons (i never watch them anyways) but seeing as they are aimed toward a younger audience, it's no wonder i don't like them. anyways, cartoons were part of my childhood, so i can't bring myself to bash them. =P

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    Im not saying that there arn't any creative people in america- its just networks don't want original things, they want crowd pleasing things. theres limited tv space, so they want things they know people will watch - they dont wana take chances.

    I get that theres influence, and theres copying.. but in western culture, we just go through phases where everything has to fit a type- like cop shows and reality tv. and with comics (thus cartoons) its the same.. spiderman, superman, fantastic four, x men... they all revolve around the same concept. whereas every anime series is completely different.

    also, the japanese major religions accept that evil and good are blurred - thus we get more complex characters- but in western culture we've been taught that theres satan - whos evil, and god, whos good, so we just get the clear cut forces of good fighting the forces of evil.

    course Im just generalising - I do realise that there are exeptions... and Iv never actualy been to america.. so I could be wrong.. but we do get a shitload of your media over here, so its just the impression I have.

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    I disagree to a point. You find a lot of the same formulas being used in manga/anime. You can't honestly look at most shonen series and not see what I'm talking about. Now that doesn't make the creators of those series any less creative, its just formula that are proven to work (and that each generation of mangaka has in his/her head as they are inspired by their elders in the field).

    The same can be said of comics, however, I think that this is the one medium in America that you get the blurred lines between good and evil. Where you might not see this in the movie adaptation or cartoon of it, sadly.

    I agree with the network problem though. If it doesn't fit the mold (cop show, reality, etc.) then they have a hard time seeing the profits of such a show. That is why I think it is sad when people are quick to write off shows like Avatar that are helping pave the way for more Americans to get shows on the air that people like ourselves would like to see. As we see networks like Anime Network and Funimation channel catch on here stateside, we will also see doors opening to people whose shows fit that mold.

    I also think networks not producing animated shows with more mature content is less people not buying DVDs of shows (the market is quite stable in that respect), and more that fans of the series (due to dubs or what not) don't make time to watch it. Adult Swim has one of the best line-ups of anime offered outside a dedicated anime network, but the ratings are very low. When networks see huge numbers for Naruto (with minor edits for content) and dismal numbers for shows like Wolf's Rain, Evangelion, or Blood+ it becomes easy to see why they put their money behind more kid friendly programing.
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    anime has a 10x better story than any cartoons out there

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    Personally I think its all about buisness. Having said that, I grew up watching Duck Tales, Tom & Jerry, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, Micky Mouse, Looney Tunes etc and not to forget The Simpsons =D. I didn't even know that anime existed until a few years ago, mostly cuz of naruto. its true that anime has a good story line compared to the new western cartoons, which are mostly focused on kids between ages of 4-10 or 12. If i was to watch these cartonns it would make me feel weird o.O, that is if I could bring myself to watch them. I switched to animes cuz the storyline is bit mature. Do i like anime more now? Yes. but would I've liked anime more back when i was still a kid, i don't think so.

    PS; no i'm not American, i'm

    but as gela said "...but we do get a shitload of your media over here.." or maybe more than that.
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    Why does american cartoon stick to kid friendly cuz it works
    America buys the use of japanese anime when there almost done why cuz they already know that it will sell in america.America doesn't make an anime like cartoon because it might not work out and thats money gone to waste.Why waste money on something that might or might not work when you can buy something that can work

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    Quote Originally Posted by gela View Post
    and Iv never actualy been to america.. so I could be wrong.. but we do get a shitload of your media over here, so its just the impression I have.
    I'd say you did a decent job, especially with the good-evil thing. We never see anything that blurs the line here. It's not our culture, I suppose one could say.

    Anyways, I think part of the problem is that American shows are compared to Japanese shows, and the same with comics and manga. Just look at it - we have Amerimanga instead of comics and, though there isn't really a name for it, American shows that try to be anime series. Creators are trying to blend the look/feel of anime and manga with the culture of America, and it simply doesn't work (most of the time). Like gela said, America doesn't have that yin-yang thing going on, with some good and evil in everything, but America is trying to create series that are like series that do have the yin-yang thing. That makes an American series that has almost everything in common with a Japanese series become complete crap, because that one key element doesn't fit.

    To sum it up nicely - America's culture doesn't support genuine anime-like series. Avatar is the closest thing we have to a good animated series in the vein of anime (not all comedy or anything), but it has its share of flaws, of course, when compared to a good anime series. Imagine if you'd never watched anime though; wouldn't Avatar be the best thing in the world to you?
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    But the simpsons, family guy, and south park rule!
    Have you've forgotten about the great classics such as Finding Nemo?

    Though most animated series we see here is aimed towards kids. That may be because that is how cartoons were originally aimed towards here in the U.S. Though, I am seeing more and more cartoons over here aiming towards a older audience or boarder infact. We just have to wait a while before our animation can grow up some more. ;]

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    I'd say, it's all up to what you prefer. Personally, I enjoy both Japanese anime and American cartoons. This is mostly because I love them with separate reasons, I get different things from both genres. I get to see different styles and different stories, different kinds of feelings. I love watching them both; not to compare them to each other but to get the best of both.

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