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    DOGS: Bullets & Carnage ~ Shirow Miwa

    Introducing Shirow Miwa's Dogs: Bullets & Carnage.
    Serialized in Ultra Jump.

    I don't know how many people know about this manga but it's starting to grown fast in the LJ community I take part in, so wanted to spread it here. ^^

    The first book serves as an introduction of the 4 main characters. Dogs: Stray Dogs Howling in the Dark.
    They following releases came out as Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, serialized in Ultra Jump.

    4 Main Characters:
    Haine Rammsteiner: Red eyed, albino gunman with supernatural healing ability. A product of human experiment from a mysterious syndicate.
    Badou: Haine’s friend and partner. An extreme nicotine addict. Reasonable and a bit of a coward at time but becomes an insane murderer when deprived of cigarettes.
    Fuyumine Naoto: An orphaned trained by a master swordsmen. Later joins the Haine’s crew.
    Mihai: An ex-mofia hitman.

    Okay, my sucky summary of the main 4 are done. >.<
    The storylines more than decent and the artwork is really awesome. I really recommend it, although the style is totally different, I'm thinking Saiyuki/Trinity Blood/Hitman Reborn fans might like this kind of stuff.. (Shrugs)

    [EDIT: Download links under spoiler.]
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