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  • Senju Clan

    21 23.08%
  • Uchiha Clan

    26 28.57%
  • Hyuga Clan

    16 17.58%
  • Aburame Clan

    12 13.19%
  • Akimichi Clan

    0 0%
  • Nara Clan

    6 6.59%
  • Kaguya Clan

    5 5.49%
  • Any other that i may have left out

    5 5.49%
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    The Best Clan to be in

    Which clan would you want to be in and why? (boredom again)
    The best is yet to come...

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    all of the above
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    hyuugas- perfect for a dumbass in exams, especially when the smart guy is next to you
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    Kaguya is definitely out as that would require me to be dead. Senjus as far as we know are all but gone with the exception of Tsunade, and technically Yamato. The Hyuuga clan is a risk as you might end up in the branch family and get the stupid curse seal. Now you'd pretty much have to be a descendant of Sasuke to be an Uchiha so that goes out the window as well.

    So I'm left with Aburame, Akimichi, and Nara. Out of those three I'd probably go with Nara. Not only is it the least physically intensive but you could probably pull of some fun stunts with their abilities.

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    Master Jedi jedijuck's Avatar
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    senju...they stand above the rest

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    Uchiha and Kaguya clans are out, as I'd be dead.

    Hyuga clan gets you awesome eyes, but there's a pretty good chance you won't be from the main house and thus are a slave, and even if you are from the main house I wouldn't want to rule people like that.

    I hate bugs, sorry Aburame. On a similar note, I would never ever ever want to be fat. So that's it for Akimichi.

    My choices are either Senju or Nara then. Well Nara is pretty cool, you get to control shadows which is awesome. I really don't know too much about the Senju clan except that the 1st came from it, and he had Mokuton. They also were strong enough to fight evenly with the Uchiha during the ninja wars, and considering the power of the sharingan, that's pretty damn good.

    Probably Senju, crossing my fingers for Mokuton jutsu.

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    Uchiha, they're able to obtain MS & that's cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bringmethehorizon View Post
    Uchiha, they're able to obtain MS & that's cool
    unless you have a brother youll go blind which suck...

    If I were in the manga,

    #1 would be senju ( I could go camping anytime)
    #2 would be Hyuuga ( taijutsu ftw.)
    #3 would be Haku's bloodline ( Id kill my dad too)
    #4 would be Uchiha ( If i have a brother~)
    #5 would be Nara (Shadow control ftw)

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    sarutobi clan. no weird blood limits or any other nonsense, just a clan of kickass ninja. 3rd was a f*cking badass, asuma was good, and now konohamaru's proving he has potential.

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    Def. Nara clan, being smart, good shadow abilities and like i said, strong mind to lead people to success.

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    isnt only senju hashirama who could use mokuton?? except yamato...who maybe isnt a senju at all..
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