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Thread: Philosophy

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    I still think cogito ergo sum was pretty profound, but Descarte's argument for the existence of God is pretty ridiculous.
    Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dabarnes View Post
    I still think cogito ergo sum was pretty profound, but Descarte's argument for the existence of God is pretty ridiculous.
    It's a great statement. But in terms of how it was formed - It makes no sense whatsoever.

    It completely disregards the first meditation - Which still confuses me to this day. I guess the only reason so many people study Descartes is cos he made so many retarded mistakes.

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    i studied 2 years of philosophy (2 last years of high school) wasn't an important subject since i was in math sciences.
    still,i liked to discuss in class and defend my point of view with strong arguments...
    i enjoyed the subject of the TRUTH...and we had like 4 different notions to study around it...from pragmatic,to absolute,to inner knowledge...and that was great...
    philosiphy was part of the baccalaureat exam,i had 15/20...which is awsome since no one in our high school's long history ever managed to get more than 17/20

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    Quote Originally Posted by NPG View Post
    We just haven't worked out the right one yet - Although we're getting closer.
    Closer to the 'right' one? Is that even possible? Is there some objective truth to be attained? I certainly don't think so.

    I abandoned my Philosophy major awhile back because I grew terribly bored sitting around philosophising about this and that and I wanted to study something more practical (so I took up Fine Art. From one useless degree to another!)

    I may pick it up again because it would be good for my master's prospects, but studying philosophy at university is a bit like mental masturbation. It's just a bunch of 20-somethings in a room engaging in a circle jerk about Nietzsche vs Marx vs Freud vis-*-vis Deleuze.

    As for my own personal tastes, I'm a fan of 20th Century continental thought and the exploration of the human condition/nothingness. Having grown up in the French education system, I'm big on Derrida, Sartre, Deleuze, Merleau-Ponty, etc. And throw in some Kierkegaard and Zizek for good measure, I suppose.

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