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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    Since the various times Akatsuki has encountered him.
    Hmm, Itachi knew Naruto for a while, Deidara didnt know who he was, either Sasori, once he meet kakuzu he didnt know him until he say it. So how would Pain know how he look?

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    because nthe plant dude had the ability to record fights and at one point plant dude answered to pein. So it would make sense he would at least have a description and possibly of seen naruto fight through the talking plant.

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    Verification: Pending
    Credits / Source: NC

    The arm of Pein seems to have suffered a small cut. Ebisu falls on the floor, crouching down. Pein slowly look at Konahamaru.

    Pein: "You know where the Nine Tails this?"
    Konahamaru: "Do you really think ...."

    Some flashbacks, among them the scene of Naruto talking about it now and Konohamaru were rivals. Then, Naruto saying that he would become Hokage.

    Konohamaru: "Do you really think I would entrust the future of Hokage Land of Fire?"

    Konohamaru leaves running upwards of Pein. He begins to make seals, and creates two Kage Bunshins.

    Ebisu: "Konohamaru, this is who killed Jiraiya-Senpai, you have no chance against him."
    Konohamaru: "Shut up, I will protect Naruto as if he were my own life."

    The image focuses the eyes of Konohamaru, and beside a picture of the third.

    Ebisu: "The will of fire .."

    Another Flashback enter into "scene". Ebisu is still a kid. He is observing a meeting of Jounins, where his father and mother is.

    Jounin: "It is suicide to go against Kyuubi, she is unbeatable."
    Third: "If we do not fight, who will fight for nois? Who will protect our town, our families?"
    Jounin: "Where’s the Hokage-sama? Since Kyuubi appeared he disappeared."
    Third: "Minato said, I assume temporarily the situation ..."
    Jounin 2: "Apparently he fled and left alone nois ..."
    Third: "Do not say that. I trust my own life in Minato."

    The flashback ends and the image focuses on Ebisu again.

    Ebisu: "He always believed .... As Konohamaru in Naruto ..."

    An explosion then happens where Pein was.

    The scene changes to the city, where Inouji and (not intend her name) are running

    Inougi: "We need to come soon ..."

    One of the bodies of Peine appears in front of the two

    END - What happened to Konohamaru?

    In the next: "New Generation"
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    Rusty's spoiler looks plausable the other one is just fake!!!

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    It was Pains jutsu that allowed Itachi and Kisame to fight them in the Rescue Gaara arc. Afterwards he said good work as tho he observed the battle thru thier eyes which may be possible since its his jutsu.

    Anyways entertaining fake spoilers give me more . Pics should pop up later this evening.

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    All fake, the last one is ubber fake!

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    in your modars cunt
    The last spoiler is just too big to become true. We all know Kishi, he loves to show us more than nesecarry. He will not reveal this much information in one chapter, that way, the manga will end alot faster, and he doesn't want that to happend, does he?

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    Source: NC
    Verfication: Pending

    Title: The New Generation

    *Title Page is off Naruto and Konohamaru back to back

    Quick Summary of the Chapter:

    Chapter starts of with Konohamaru talking to Pain about the will of fire and why he won't tell him where naruto is. Pain is shown to be bleeding from the arm where Konohamaru threw the Kunai last chapter. He throws the blood onto konohamaru and uses judgment telling konohamaru that he will die if he doesn't tell him where narutop is. It seems blood is the link between Pain, the target, and the hell god

    Scene Shift to Naruto and Fusaku. Naruto deciedes to try a new tactic and uses Taijuu Kage Bushin having all the bushin moving in different ways to see if any of their movements will allow him to gather even the slightest bit of natural energy.

    Scene changes to Konohamaru again. Konohamaru tells Pain that naruto is right here and henge's into sexy no jutsu naruto. To which the hell god goes to rip Konohamaru's soul out, but Konohamaru is just a bushin. Konohamaru attacks Pain from behinde with the staff of enma and smashes Pain into a building. However the scene shows that Konohamaru got some of Pain's blood on him during the attack.

    Scene Shifts back to Naruto and Fusaku again. The different actions the Kage Bushin are taking range from insane, to hillarious, to down right nasty. Fusaku questions naruto as to how he thinks this could possibly work. Naruto tells fusaku that if sitting still is a way to gather natural energy and movement breaks this process then mabye its possible to find a movement that does not break this process if he searches enough. Fusaku thinks that if their was such a movement the past Sage would have found it by now and that Naruto is just wasting time, but to his suprise a one of the bushins thats doing and extremely strange pose grows a wart. It seems all naruto has to do now is find the movements he can use and learn to fight with them no matter how strange they are.

    Chapter ends with Hell Pain using Judgment on what appears to be the real Konohamaru telling him that if he moves a single muslce he will die.
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    Unless next chapter has 40-60page, it seem too long to even think about it lol.

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    Newest spoiler was a good read. But real script will be released tomorrow. not today.

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