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    Lightbulb The 7 Swordsmen of the Mist !?!

    Ok I thought this thread would be intresting idea because we have all heard of the elite shinobi deep in the fog of Water country hidden in the mist known as the 7 Swordsmen of the Mist.

    Looking at the picture above you can make out the already known Swordsmen but what about the other 4 unknown? The point of this thread is to come up ideas for the other 4 in as much detail as you would like.

    So 1st lets Review the Basic info on the 3 known Swordsmen :

    1) Zabuza Momomchi AKA Demon of the Mist - He was apart of the Hidden Mists ANBU squad. Eventually a failed coup caused him to become a missing nin & while on the run he ran into Haku and eventually leading to what we read in the manga.

    Weapon: Head Cleaving Sword - Aside from its large size it doesnt appear to have any special abilites.

    Name meaning: Za= again, bu= never, za= kill , Momo= Peach tree, Chi=earth

    Stats: Nin 4.5 - Tai 4.5 - Gen 2.5 - Int 3 - Str 4 -Spd 4 - Sta 4 - Sea 4 = 30.5

    2) Kisame Hoshigaki AKA Monster of the Mist- A former elite Jounin of the Mist village who was branded a criminal for assasinating local fedual lords. Later he would join Akatsuki and become partnered with Itachi Uchiha.

    Weapon: Samehada - Sharkskin styled sword that shreds rather than cuts. It has special chakra absorbing abilites and as well as auto defenses against anyone deemed not worth of weilding it.

    Name meaning: Kisame= Ogre/Demon Shark , Hoshigaki = Dried persimmon

    Stats: Nin 4.5 - Tai 4.5 - Gen 2.5 - Int 3.5 - Str 5 - Spd 4 - Sta 5 - Sea 3.5 =32.5

    3) Raiga Kurosuki AKA Thunder of the mist - a former shinobi from the village of the mist he was assigned to work with hunter nins to track down a person spying on the Mist village. They ended up slaughtering up most of the villagers of an unnamed village and ran into a small boy with special abilites named Ranmaru who he quickly struck up kinship with and fled his post.

    Weapon: Twin Swords - These duel weilded blades seem to have an ability to act as a conduit for large amounts of electricty.

    Name meaning: Rai = thunder, ga = fang, Kuro = black, suki = eptiness & love

    *Stats: Nin 4 - Tai 3.5 - Gen 2.5 - Int 3 - Str 3 - Spd 3.5 - Sta 3.5 - Sea 3.5 = 26.5
    (*Because he was not cannon he never had any stats so these are my estimates)

    Ok so now we have those out of the way I came up with my own based on my research into mythology and such I tried to create some intresting characters , names & weapons. Yours dont have to be as detailed as mine

    4) Baku Shinkirou AKA Terror of the Mist - A Jounin and Captain in the Mist village Interrogation squad. He specializes in Genjutsu and the art of terror. His natural Genjutsu abilites are enchanced with the usage of his fear endusing sword.

    One of his most famous tortures is known as Hyakki Yako no jutsu - a genjutsu in which 100 dancing demons take turns stabbing thier enemies

    Weapon: Tizona - This special acursed sword has unique abilties. It gives off a massive killing intent enough to ward of weak opponets.

    However thats not the true ability its true power comes when it slashes or peirces an enemy. Just one drop of blood and its curse seal takes effect drawing out ones greatest fears and nightmares as phantoms that can not be easily dispelled like genjutsu. Anyone trying to hold the Tizona other than Baku would suffer the same effects as a self defense built into the sword.

    Name meaning: - Baku= a supernatural being that devours dreams & nightmares, Shinkirou = mirage

    Stats: Nin 3.5 - Tai 4.5 - Gen 5 - Int 4 - Str 3.5 - Spd 3.5 - Sta 3 - Sea 4 = 31

    5) Soraki Gaaeshi AKA Siren of the Mist- a Jounin from the Mist known for his artistic style. Using his singing blade Azukiaru the line between art and murder become blurred.

    Weapon: Azukiaru - A specialy designed sword when swung creates an eerie sound that resembles singing. The sword also has remarkable defensive ailties allowing the user to magnify sound waves create a wide area shockwave or sound can be soo foucsed it can cut thru solid rock giving it both close & mid range attack/ defense abilties.

    Name meaning: - soraki gaeshi = the sound of trees being cut down, when later none seem to have been cut

    Stats: Nin 4.5 - Tai 4 - Gen 2.5 - Int 3 - Str 3.5 - Spd 3.5 - Sta 3.5 - Sea 3.5 = 28

    6) Hissori Shiroken AKA Silence in the Mist - an elite Jounin with an unusall calm nature unlike many of his fellow swordsmen. His movements are fast and very precise as he hates to waste unnecessary energy and wastefull killing which is part of his philosphy that killing should be a precise science.

    Weapon: - Masamune - Of the rare type of chakra bladed swords the Masamune is said to be the most beautifull. The fine crafterd hilt of this sword produces a magnified focused blade of pure white chakra that emits no sound. Allowing the user to swing , slash and stab in total silence.

    Name Meaning: - Hissori= silent, Shiro = white, ken = blade

    Stats: Nin 4.5 - Tai 4.5 - Gem 3 - Int 4 - Str 3 - Spd 5 - Sta 3.5 - Sea 4 = 31.5

    7) Akumakizu Yosamu AKA Slasher of the Mist - a Jounin from the mist who enjoys causing as much suffering as possible in his victims before death. He rarly kills his opponets rather lets them slowly bleed to death. This causes him to clash with his fellow swordsman Hissori Shiroken with thier conflicting philosphies.

    Weapon:- Muramasa - This special sword has 2 forms. In its solid form it looks like an unusall sword with many sharp triangular edges aloing it to tear into an opponet like Samehada.

    However in its Loose form it becomes a chain whip allowing the user to attack at mid range. Its angle can directly be controlled kind of like Saosri's tail in his 1st puppet. If someone gets caught in this chain they will be wraped in its sharp edged chain linked metal and suffor the tearing as it pulled causing many wounds all over.

    Name meaning: Akuma= Evil spirit, kizu = wound or cut, Yosamu = cold nights

    Stats: Nin 4 - Tai 4 - Gen 2.5 - Int 3 - Str 4 - Spd 4 - Sta 4 - Sea 3.5 = 29

    Ok so thats the basics so please take some time and do some research and come up with your own good ideas.
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    umm interesting maybe we can see more of this guys when occur the next shinobi war madara will send them and by the way isnt that raiga guy filler?
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    wasnt #3 a filler episode? suigetsu brother was one i think...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedijuck View Post
    wasnt #3 a filler episode? suigetsu brother was one i think...
    yup. the only swordsmen we have seen in the manga is kisame and zabuza the other are probably still doing there job. keep there village safe and following orders


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    Kisame looked bad@ss then and looks the same now. Is he the most epic fish or what!

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    Suigetsu's brother could have been a Swordsman indeed. And the Raiga was a filler guy.

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    I think we'll see the rest of them in the future when Madara starts to use his Kage facade and utilises the hidden mists military/elite forces for akatsukis purposes once akatsuki's forces are diminished again following whatever abadonment sasukes plotting and how pain will end up after the chakra receptors puzzle has been resolved.

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    I wouldn't count out Raiga becoming canon. After all, Kishi did already make Gaara's student canon, anyway.
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    Sorry this thing posted before I was done making it (stupid enter button) but now it is finished please go back and reread

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    At first i thought the seven swords men were gonna be a big act in the story but the way its going now its very doubtful

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