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    Quote Originally Posted by kuroihikari View Post
    Ummm.... Madara. Itachi.
    yo chill... i was trying to leave the thread speechless with that and u had to jump in , sigh ...

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    The answer was obvious
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    Quote Originally Posted by ByaKuya_ View Post
    lol ... the only reason he survived is because he was in the form , just imagine if he got hit with amateratsu without being in the 8-tails form.
    Quote Originally Posted by pandaofthebamboo View Post
    Didn't Sasuke get hit from it and gout out of it some how, are u claiming that Killerbee is incapable of doing so as well?
    Amaterasu is a one way trick. Sure Zetsu praises it as the strongest physical attack, but yet it can easily be avoided by a replacement jutsu.

    I'm not going to lie I found Amaterasu to seem more deadly when the only display of it was from when Itachi was escaping Jiraiya. It just seemed more intense then, but now its just black fire that doesn't go out.

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