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    Naruto Possible Naruto Spin off

    Yeah everyone knows Naruto is one of the top rated mangas,but there will be a time when they have nothing to write about but thats after the love battle from the Naruto,Sasuke,and Sasuke's bitch aka Sakura love trangle.Maybe Naruto ends up having kids with Sakura and has to deal with the 12 kids he has and his job as the Hokage and has the title of the laziest Hokage and Shikamaru admits his dating Temari but still cheats on her with the friendly neighborhood hooker [Ino].Neji his just pimpin he has Tenten on one hand and Kurenai on the other.Well Gaara he must have teached Neji the
    art of pimpin cuz Gaara has all the village girls.Sasuke he turned out gay after Orochimaru showed him the power of the white snake.Hinata starts to date Kiba
    this is the only sane relationship only in the day cuz Kiba goes wild and she ends up with bruises and a black eye in the morning.

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