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    Okay, your posts are incredibly hard to comprehend since they basically spit on the English language. However, if I understand what you're saying, I think it's more like when Oro created the dimension that he uses to trap his next body, Sasuke, with the use of his sharingan was able to go against it, and reverse it. So basically Orochimaru was in the middle of getting into Sasuke's body and Sasuke stopped him. Sasuke was saying, he was able to overcome Orochimaru for his own body.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    When kabuto come to sasuke after fight with oro sasuke showed him and kabuto say first: orochimaru sama is dead...No... its like and then sasuke I ve taken control... it means that oro take his body but then sasuke got over taken his body with oro powers... it looks like that and kabuto gained oro power because he got in his body the hand that itachi blow up... but kabuto dont have the soul and mind of oro only his body ??

    Translation please

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    It means that Kabuto only had access to Orochimaru's corpse, so when he combined Orochimaru's cells with his own, he only gained Orochimaru's body.

    Where as Sasuke conquered Orochimaru in his mind, so he gained his spirit, and perhaps some of his abilities, which is why he was able to regenerate so quickly after his fight with Deidara.

    So Kabuto got Oro's body but Sasuke got Oro's mind.

    I don't think that English is Zero's first language.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mass Zero View Post
    I also object against this theory. It would indeed fully screw up the story if Orochimaru takes over Sasuke. Why? Because the final chapters of Naruto have to be Naruto vs. Sasuke and not Naruto vs. Orochimaru.
    I don't think it will screw up the story line. why?... its still Naruto v.s Sasuke/Orochimaru
    and really sasuke hasn't done anything wrong i don't think being a rouni is a crime look how many people became a rouni Tsunade, Jiraiya. plus his helping Naruto and company by killing the bad guys.Naruto has no real reason to fight him but his own,but the writer is going to do it cuz we all want to see it.The reason why i came up with this theory is to give a good reason why naruto should fight full on with Sasuke and thats Sasuke has to be evil.Its like the next generation of Sannin and Sasuke gets his own snake
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