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    i hope he's dead. its like he's been a cockroach, being squished by millions and millions of bricks and yet still alive, but glad that sasuke killed him. i can acept kabuto absorbing orochi and going crazy; seems like he's going to be fun to watch as a developing enemy.

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    i hope he's dead. its like he's been a cockroach, being squished by millions and millions of bricks and yet still alive
    i think thats why ppl love oro so much =) thats his charm of coming back again and again hehe

    as for the thread topic, your theories pretty interesting and maybe true but i don see him ever becoming the main bad guy again... maybe the kabu/oro. i mean he cant beet obito now that obitos a sharingan user, and oros really week against sharingan.

    also, is it that oro's jutsus are especially week against sharingan? or is it just the same...?

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    oro is dead, a clone of him will take over kabito half body.

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    I think it'd be too simple for Kishi to just make it so Orochimaru comes back from within Kabuto. I think Sasuke will get weakened again in a fight, Kabuto finds Sasuke somehow and something happens internally within Sasuke from when he absorbed Orochimaru.

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    I also object against this theory. It would indeed fully screw up the story if Orochimaru takes over Sasuke. Why? Because the final chapters of Naruto have to be Naruto vs. Sasuke and not Naruto vs. Orochimaru.

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    It's kinda hard to tell at the moment, a lot of things are really unclear right now. What exactly happened to Orochimaru was never really explained.

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    Oro i think is dead. But still the his power and abilities still there inside Sasuke and Kabuto.

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    The thing as I see it is like this, if Sasuke couldn't be as strong to be able to hold Orachimaru back how on earth could Kabuto be it? so for Sasuke to be taken control over by Orachimaru means we would have 2 Orachimarus running around <.>
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    When kabuto come to sasuke after fight with oro sasuke showed him and kabuto say first: orochimaru sama is dead...No... its like and then sasuke I ve taken control... it means that oro take his body but then sasuke got over taken his body with oro powers... it looks like that and kabuto gained oro power because he got in his body the hand that itachi blow up... but kabuto dont have the soul and mind of oro only his body ??

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