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    Quote Originally Posted by R4wr View Post
    Yeah, this is a total fake.
    Why would Kyuubi be put into Naruto, then attempted to be transfered to Sasuke, only to be sealed into Naruto again, and by Yondaime, who hasn't been even proven to be Naruto's father?
    And Kyuubi says he hadn't seen a sinister chakra like Sasuke's SINCE Madara's.
    Meaning they're two seperate people.
    madara (aka tobi it's confirmed by translator) said he wanted his true power back, and if they intended to transfer him to sasuke, then it must mean tobi was the one where kyuubi was sealed in before they tried to seal it into sasuke, but.. it's impossible for him to survive that way, because he would've been taken over by kyuubi.. and otherwize of not he would be dead

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    that last spoiler seems way to fake if it is true than i will say that kishi can suck a dick and fails at writing

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    To many awnsers in one chapter so it looks like fake but the story is nice it coulde be that why he feeled a sinister chakra to uchiha madara because kyubi when was sealing feeled it in a boy so he scarred and started to stop the jutsu but the one that stoped was sasuke power and when he was sealing he could hear that they name that boy uchiha madara but then boom kyubi go all out (if you look on the fight with kyubi you dont see any uchiha)and then 4 sealed kyubi in naruto...nah it cant bee in one chapter but meyby in some other many chapters something will be true but if tobi has it then...
    Its fake for sure but meybe something from the story is true (that kyubi is sealed in naruot zong ;P).

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    aw dang, i just realized today is tuesday
    one question, when has their ever been reliable spoilers before thursday?
    by default, i declare all spoilers for naruto fake until thursday
    [correct me if i'm wrong]

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    for some reason i think these are fakes.....i want to see the pics

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    They might be real, I'm just not really believing the one's we've seen so far.
    But no, because sense the last issue was a double volume-thing, they might release it a few days earlier instead of making us wait a full two weeks.

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    Naruto 366 spoilers

    via dai 7 unerino ai
    Itachiはnarutoを出て来、彼自身を示すように告げる。 Narutoは消極的に彼自身を示す。 Itachiは刺すような目とのnarutoを見る。 Peinは「行って彼女が」約準備ができているtobi図を告げる。 Akatsukiの女性は先に歩む。 彼女の一流のMononoke! KakashiはItachiがここにあることが強い存在を、彼わかっている感じる。 グループはnarutoに方法をそこに作る。 Hebiがそこに方法を作るグループおよびSasukeは森林を投げた。 Sasukeは強力な存在を感じる。彼女はAkatsukiを単独で意味する。 彼女は「よりよく9つの尾、失敗を受け入れられない捕獲することを言う。 Pein。 Sasukeおよび女性Mononokeは会う!
    Itachi tells naruto to come out and show himself. Naruto reluctantly shows himself. Itachi looks at naruto with piercing eyes. Pein tells the tobi figure that "she" is about ready to go. The women of Akatsuki steps forward. Her name Mononoke! Kakashi feels a strong presence, he knows that Itachi is here. The group makes there way to naruto. Sasuke and the group Hebi make there way threw the forest. Sasuke feels a powerful presence. She stands alone for Akatsuki. She says "you better capture the nine tails, failure will not be accepted. Pein. Sasuke and the Women Mononoke meet!

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    All these spoilers seem too fake. I see no actual movement. I mean whats the point in them talking? Why would itachi just come to talk to naruto. Doesnt seem like kishi style. Wouldn't it be common sense for the real naruto to stay with the group and let the clones do the searching? Or a clone stays with the group so if one clones dissappears then that clone will know where the others are? Its just seems pretty stupid to leave the group when you can make 1000 clones.

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    A whole chapter of ninjas talking isn't Kishi's "style"? So your basically saying we've seen fighting in every chapter?

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    No, not that, its the actions. Naruto leaves the group when he can have 1000 clones? Thats just plain stupid. Naruto has zero reason to leave the group. 2nd, You really think they would skip a scene where pein would tell itachi or such he is going after naruto? thats a big decision, Doesnt seem kishi like. Itachi looking for sasuke or him just wanting to talk to naruto "not to chase sasuke"? again not believable. And the spoilers seem to just spin-off the very first one when the manga wasnt even suppose to come out that week
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