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    Everything seems ok to me.... komamura getting his ear cut off? ....... yamamoto's death......, his last order for unohana to stay put for apparently unknown reason...... did kira die?? kenpachi being knocked down for who knows how long..... MY MAIN ISSUE IS WITH BYAKUYA SURVIVING<---- just wanna voice out!!... i really accepted his death and moved on and now he is alive..... other than that its good

    Going back to why did yamamoto ordered the 4th squad to stay put and not go out? there has to be a big reason for this.... and apparently kisuke and co. are alright? than makes the mystery person good

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    The 4th squad had to stay put because the enemy had unknown potential, and yamamoto could imagine how things could turn out, so he took his countermeasures. He had the medical corps stay in a hidden place so the only people who could heal the wounded after the war was over wouldn't get killed. Probably.
    Even in naruto tsunade said the medical nins are the ones that must stay alive at all costs.

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    Lol, Kubo backed down on Byakuya's death. The chapter dedicated for his final words was simply useless.

    Good move on Yamamoto's part not to let the 4th division fight. He knew they are on the disadvantage. Mayuri might be also ordered not to fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arisart View Post
    Lol, Kubo backed down on Byakuya's death. The chapter dedicated for his final words was simply useless.
    My thoughts exactly. Lame.

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    I think we all more or less knew the moment we saw byakuya alive last week that he was going to stay that way. N cmon what were u expecting from kubo...consistency?

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    Funny, I didn't know Hirako was a Surgeon....Mangapanda version?

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    Maybe they learn why Ichigo's Bankai can not be stolen and develop a method to protect or gain back their bankai's.

    - I knew Kenpachi would not die...

    - Looks like the 8th squad Captain is going to become the temporary Commander.

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    zaraki no more?

    Ok, so is anyone else bothered by the fact that zaraki "might not be able to keep captain status" anymore? byakuya is uderstandable being ripped to shreds and his zanpaktou disintegrating, but zaraki?!

    also, how could they still leave us with that cliff hanger,the mystery person, in HM? I bet Kubo still hasn't decided who he would use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    Funny, I didn't know Hirako was a Surgeon....Mangapanda version?
    No, he is not.

    I'm pretty sure that Mayuri fill find out that the Blood Attack Boost is going through Ichigo's Zan and that's why it couldn't be stolen.

    Looks like Aizen will need to get out and turn Byakuya and Zaraki into Vizards/Arrancars, because otherwise they won't wake up without instant regeneration... oh wait, there is still Orihime... right.

    BTW. Is that the hole in which Aizen is staying put ? If so, then who is the one standing on it's edge while looking into the abyss ?

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