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    I was definitely talking about the war and timeskip era. Nowadays we cannot get a large posting group no matter how controversial the chapters are, not to mention this week's chapter, albeit strongh was basically was a flashback/filler and offered no real topic starters :/.

    My thinking is Buffalo is the big guy on Doflamingo's crew (to give a suggestion of who Buffalo is). I still am curious as to how the villains are going to come out of this arc. Caesar is almost a gauranteed lose and if Doflamingo cuts his losses with the SAD, Caesar definitely becomes a non-factor after this arc. Monet, too, has already failed and already having her acknowledge the fact Doflamingo will dispose of her if she fails, her story is open. Personally, I'm hoping Sanji senses her in danger, rushes back to save her, arrives once more with the entire group in Room R admolishing Zoro for endangering a women like Monet, and then showing a true display of chivalry about how no man has the right to kill a lady when Monet says Zoro was right in how Sanji should have simply left her to die, as Doflamingo would see to it anyway. It is sort of a more idealic outcome than what likely will happen, but seeing as she's likely done in Doflamingo's crew, the scene would be a nice seqway into continuing her story within the crew (we have found an interesting logia who cannot beat any of the MT) or as I'm assuming. leaving because she fears Zoro so much to join Law's crew more fittingly.

    Addtionally, I have a hard time imagining Vergo will fail, and even if he does, his standing with Doflamingo is likely to earn little more than a hysterical laughing fit of Doflamingo saying it doesn't matter anymore or that the SHs are truly and already becoming troublesome in the NW.

    Thus, my two basic predictions/outcomes:

    --Caesar and Monet fail and are abandoned by Doflamingo, Vergo escapes unscathed upon the arrival of Buffalo and Baby 5
    --Even as the baddies (slight possibility of including Vergo in this case) are defeated, the arrival of Buffalo and Baby 5 at the end of the arc concludes with the latter two carrying their comrades back to Dressrosa.

    That should be enough to discuss for a bit at least.
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