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I think Luffy didn't want to use King's haki because it might seem like a hax to him? He wants an adventure not a beat down but now all bets are off. Remember when he did use it he was in a hurry and had to catch up to his friends. He prefers his hands and CoA

Don't know if that means it's intentional or not but according to that incident some people fainted will others did not. I think that it means that Shanks can not control who is in line of fire.

But personally, I think the dragon is hungry. I was just giving out some alternative possibilities to liven the discussion.. this forum seems dead
Not sure how this relates to what you initially said about Luffy knocking out Momonosuke, nor to what I said in rebuttal. Either way, the One Piece forums are almost always dead...especially when you factor in a two week break, the discussion simply cannot facilitate itself that long.