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I don't think the Rinnegan is more powerful than the shiki fuujin. I think the shinigami exists on a different level than even the tailed beasts, seeing as it can seal a portion of their chakra until their next cycle of rebirth. If Naruto were to die and the kyuubi with him, the kyuubi would be reborn with yin and yang intact. However, no where in the manga is there evidence that the Rinnegan can bring people back to life after they've been sealed with shiki fuujin. The Rinnegan can't restore the Kyuubi's yin chakra either or Tobi wouldn't have needed Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Is it possible that when the original sage became the jyuubi's jinchuuriki, he sealed away half of it's chakra with a variant of shiki fuujin and now that the jyuubi has completed it's cycle of rebirth it regained the sealed chakra? What if the tailed beasts were created with just half of the jyuubi's true power?
I understand the basics you pointed out. I was trying to test some what if scenarios that stretch what we know. You do bring up good points to establish the shikifuujin above the tailed beasts but is it above the 10 tails proper form? 10 tails is a whole new ball game and i would wager it's power is much farther reaching and supreme than what any individual bijuu can touch. Rinnegan by itself, yes, you make good points but in the "what if" game im.playing, when does a shinobi reach the level of power or mastery/dominance to where he calls the shiki fuujin and pays no penalty of death? As unimportant as that is, it does bring up a question that just came to me again..

If the dead demon seal is truly an uzumaki technique then can we begin to safely brush in more strokes of the belief that the sage was uzumaki? The dead demon seal is example of humans contacting persons of the highest order or absolutes of a certain realm. The sage was said to be gifted from the gods, we have one possible example here of a relative form of contact of God and man and it was facilitated by the uzumaki scheme of things. That sort of end all bargaining and other speculated uzumaki tech is the kind of stuff that plays into the struggle leading up to resolving the issue of 10 tails, not the grand scheme afterwards. Anyways, just stubbornly trying to win points for the uzumaki + hyuga = senju & uchiha via destiny controlling forces the sage put to work in his offspring. Uzumaki are ancient clan that learned to call the gods or gave reason for the gods to cooperate or communicate to them. The sage being the.culmination of all that made uzumaki awesome was a "chosen" kind and granted divine power and subdued the jyubi. I don't know.... i really just want naruto to kiss hinata