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Yeah, what's with that? Did Naruto escape by getting out of Kurama Mode and being smaller in sized, thus escaping from the huge wooden dragon?

1) I half expected Naruto to enter Sage mode when he was being immobilized by the wooden dragon. We are yet to see Kurama run low on Chakra, and Kishi has been all over the place on telling us how much Chakra Kurama actually has. He's gone from saying inexhaustible, to saying Kurama's Chakra is from the Hatred and Animosity of humanity, to say Kurama just has the most chakra of the tailed beasts.

2) One has to wonder how tailed beasts replenish their Chakra, since they don't actually eat food like humans do. It could be that they absorb ambient Natural Energy and Convert this to Chakra.

3) Somehow I think that the solution to Sage Mode while moving is for Kurama to absorb the excess Natural Energy that would have turned Naruto to stone. If this is true Naruto and Kurama together should have access to nearly unlimited Natural Energy and Chakra.
Yeah that's what I thought had happened. Because as the wood dragon was absorbing the kyuubi chakra and causing it to break down Naruto did the kage bunshin hand seal and then next thing we see is he's in 2 different locations saving Bee and Kakashi, so I assumed that he used his hyper speed to move to those locations in the blink of an eye. Strange though that Madara didn't block such actions as he does have the strongest eyes of anyone in the Narutoverse. If Naruto is able to move faster than even his eyes can follow then perhaps he could find ways to use multi kage bunshins to attack on mass. That said I would rather see this being used as the opportunity to combine sage mode and super kyuubi chakra mode.