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    Quote Originally Posted by lam_1266 View Post
    Spoilers are for the WEAK!
    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfire View Post
    Damn it! I wanted to say that. >_<

    Oh well. I'd say they're fake, but still good.
    Quote Originally Posted by Linkz View Post
    i hope that spoiler is true but

    Spoilers Are For The Weak.

    Leave that to afrothunda... It's not funny when someone else posts it.

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    if its a fake, then its the best story for a fake spoiler script ive seen

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    better be true... or else.... or else... or else... imma... IMMA!!!!!!!

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    Stop with the "spoilers is for the weak" thing and discussion and discuss the spoilers.

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    Seems clearly fake to me. I mean wasn't Naruto born the night the 9-tails attacked
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    in your modars cunt
    Source : Onemanga
    Status : Pending
    Credits : No idea.

    Where’s Naruto as Konoha narrows in on Pain’s Secret

    (Scene Mount Myobokuzan)

    “Are you kidding me? How come the Kyuubi is rejecting you,” asked
    Naruto. “It has more to do with the chakra of the Kyuubi. When we fuse,
    our chakra system combines together. Unlike you, my chakra can’t
    suppress the Kyuubi’s chakra, thus my defenses are not as good as
    yours,” said Fukasku.

    (Fukasku sweats)

    “So it is my chakra defense,” said Naruto. “Well you have been sharing
    a chakra network with the beast for all your life. I assume since your
    chakra was put under so much stress, your own ninja chakra adapted.

    I’m not sure if any particular chakra network could co-exist for
    too long as the Kyuubi's chakra is channeling through you with an
    exclusive link not present in my body. Only If there was a way that
    could bypass strain the Kyuubi places on my network,” said Fukasku.

    (Naruto remembers back to his fight with Gaara. He remembers communicating with Gamabunta during the combined transformation)

    “Combining our bodies together… Combination Transformation jutsu. I mean it worked with Gamabunta,” said Naruto.

    “Wait, maybe that could work. The technique allows us to merge our
    bodies not our chakra networks, thus the Kyuubi’s chakra would not put
    a strain on me and reject. From the inside I could draw chakra to your
    body then you could take the energy, and apply it to yourself, while on
    the outside, you take on the appearance as yourself. The enemy would
    never know what hit him

    (Naruto looks down as Fukasku jumps on his shoulder)

    Um boy, that was a brilliant idea, you should be proud,” said Fukasku
    “Yeah about that. I kind of forgot, how it was done,” said Naruto.
    “Ehh, don’t worry, I’ll help with that. Worry about providing the
    chakra for the jutsu. We’ll both concentrate on same image, you. I’ll
    be able to communicate with you from the inside. Once the jutsu is in
    affect, I’ll draw in the chakra, while you move. Then once you feel the
    energy, immediately absorb it. You should go into Sage Mode instantly,”
    smiled Fukasku.

    “Combination Transformation,” yelled Naruto and Fukasku. (Naruto
    appears from the smoke. He runs for a while) “I feel it,” said Naruto.
    (He claps his hands to together, and his eyes change to reflect that
    he’s in Sage Mode. The technique cancels and Naruto remains in Sage

    “Heh, you’re training is just about complete. How about we go get some dinner,” said Fukasku. (Naruto covers his mouth)

    Switch Scene: Tsunade’s location. (Ino’s father and Shizune arrive to Tsunade’s location)

    “So, how’s everything going,” asked Tsunade. “We have all the
    information we need,” said Ino’s father. “Good we’ll discuss it over
    with Naruto when he gets back,” said Tsunade. “Naruto. What the hell’s
    taking him so damn long. I know he likes to show up at the last moment,
    but we can’t wait any longer for him. We’ll use plan B and take Pain
    down by force,” said Shizune. “This is however strange. Could it be
    that the message never reached Myobokuzan. Usually we would get an
    immediate response from either Shima or Fukasku,” said Tsunade.
    “Tsunade. Look who I found,” said Katsuyu (Kakashi falls out of the

    (Everyone is shocked)

    “There’s no time. Get Sakura to take over for me. I’ll get Naruto
    myself,” said Tsuande. “But, you’ll never make it in time, and Sakura
    does not have the chakra to deal with all these injuries, we can’t risk
    losing you,” said Shizune. “Jiriaya left me with a scroll to the
    mountain through a toad a long time ago, just in case I needed his help
    during the time we were teammates in the war. I won’t be gone long,”
    said Tsunade.

    Next Chapter: Is Kakashi alive? Will Tsunade bring Naruto back in time
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    Status : Confirmed
    Source : Onemanga
    Credits : No idea

    Konohamaru was watching Danzou from the very begining to end.
    He runs to tell what he saw.
    Naruto's training is at hiatus.
    Then the scroll-frog Jiraiya sent appears.
    Fukasaku says that no one knew what happened to her.
    Konohamaru runs onto tendou (deva) Pain.
    He asks - where is Naruto.
    Konohamaru not going to tell.
    Then Ebisu appears.
    Konohamaru can't die! The end
    Flashback of Rin, Kakashi and Obito first introduction.
    Kakashi is not interested in Obito's clan which he brags about.
    This attitude of Kakashi irritates Obito.
    Then he flashbacking about his father.

    Verification: Pending
    Source: Kage pl forum

    Kakashi talking to his father.
    Kakashi -...I felt guilty for his death, I'd do anything to reviwe him from death...after we wen't back to the village, me and Rin were preparing to leave , searching for the way to accomplish our goal, even if we would had to use forbidden techniques...I was foolish, making my actions with haste, and without thinking...(flashback about Rin and Kakashi encountering a group of Ninjas)
    Wind Ninja - well, unlucky for you kids, our countries aren't allied, therefore you will be killed here!!
    (closeup at grownup Kakashis face, he closed his eyes, and the scene goes back to the flashback)
    Kakashi - Rin ! let go of her ! (Ninjas are holding Rin and Kakashi)
    Rin - Kakashi ! help me !
    Kakashi - no, please ! stop that !!
    (back to old Kakashi)
    Kakashi - and she was killed...right in front of my eyes...I will see her soon, both of them, I pray that they will forgive me...
    White Fang - Kakashi, remember what you said to me after you have been promoted to be a Chuunin ?
    Kakashi - huh ? no, I don't...
    White Fang - "Rank means nothing, what matters are your actions, succesful of the mission"
    Kakashi - yes...I remember now...
    White Fang - you will See Obito, that I can promise to you, but not yet.
    Kakashi - what are you getting at ?
    White Fang - you still have a mission to do, my son, your time has not yet come to an end.
    Kakashi - have no...
    White Fang - you haven't used that technique because you thought it was too dangerous, but if you won't do something, the Village will meet it's end!!
    Kakashi - ...!
    (The surrounding area slowly starts to dissapear, replaced but the real world)
    White Fang - We will meet again, my son.
    Kakashi - Dad...
    (zoom to Kakashi, being covered by the ruins)
    Kakashi - *coughs* Dad...thank you... heal gate, release!
    Scene at Naruto.
    Fukusaku - Naruto-kun, have you ever talked to the Nine-tails ?
    Naruto - yes, rarely but yes, last time it was when I was trying to get my friend home.
    Fukusaku - how are your conversations like with it ?
    Naruto - well, he he's allways convincing me to release the Seal.
    Fukusaku - have you ever...concidering doing what he requests ?
    Naruto - no...i mean, yes, but i was just imagining what power would i get from that.
    Fukusaku - power ? Naruto-kun, your life would end with the moment you would do that, don't you ever forget that!
    Naruto - oh...okay!
    Fukusaku - well, how should I put this...if you wan't to use Sage mode, you have to find a way to convince the Kyuubi to not reject me.
    Naruto - huh ? how could I possibly do that ? aksing him about...
    Fukusaku - the beast may be evil, but it doesn't lack mind. you have to make a little chit-chat with him.
    Naruto - but...I don't even know where to start from ! what would I tell him !?
    Fukusaku - you'll use this (shows him a weird hat-thing)
    Naruto - I'm not gonna wear it, its ugly!
    Fukusaku *sigh* this "ugly" hat, will put you into a Koma state, or more like near-death state.this is how we meditate!
    Naruto - I dunno about this, I promised myself i would never see his face again...
    Fukusaku - think about it Naruto-kun, if you could make his cooperate, to give you power, whenever you need, combining this with the Sage would Surpass Jiraya!! Kyuubi chakara is hurting you, and at the same time healing, right ?
    Naruto - yea...
    Fukusaku - with the Sage mode, that Chakara would be doing nothing to you!
    Naruto - really !? *smiles*
    Fukuasku - yes, have faith boy! if this fail, we'll find some other way, you have nothing to lose! *also smiles*
    (Scene at the Akatsuki hideout. shows Sasuke and his crew.)
    Sasuke - Taka, we are heading to Konoha.
    (zoom at Madara's eye.)

    Next chapter - new bonds ?
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    Any admin that can delete my post? I accidently double posted.

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    fake as hell

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    Current spoilers are fake and kind of boring.

    What happened to the original writers? Are they enjoying their holidays?

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    All spoilers are fake. Even the confirmed ones are fake. There's only one true spoiler that's never wrong and that's the actual chapter.

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