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    Smile Naruto Shippuuden The Movie

    What it's about? so far we know that Naruto will be killed by a group of ten individuals and Naruto's friends then have to deal with his death.In the Movie Trailer his saving this girl which the group is after.Thats about all we know about the and the movie will be coming out around Shippuuden 25

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    hello, I saw part of the movie....

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    「快楽」を司るノア Tyki Mikk Kyou's Avatar
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    It seems that the makers of this movie want to attract people watching it by selling that Naruto will die...

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    There are already trailers and videos about the movie? Awesome, thanks

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    Thread moved to Naruto Anime section and merged with previous Naruto Shippuden: The Movie thread.


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    They have time to make a movie? Why can't they speed up the Anime :(
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    Obviously the movie should be a filler, if it was part of the story arc then they not really diong anything more then creating a longer episode.


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    When is the preliminary opening for the movie?

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    "Who cares", it won't be worth watching both ways...

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    Dont like the movies that much either but they provide some entertainment...

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