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    imagine the rasengan mixed with any of the elements depending the adversaries based element ;p naah too much for naruto

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    i'm too lazy now to read the previous 4 pages...

    i think he will come up with a different element jutsu. kakashi said (if my mind doesn't betray me) that every jounin can use at least 2 elements. i would prefer water type (like nidaime), water shockwave or stuff like that (long range attack) so he could even use the drowning maelstrom technique he used with yamato (would be the next nut to crack, since he has to use 2 elements at the same time)

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    kakshi said that usually to be jounin u already know at least 2 elements... but water would be nice...

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    Hhhmmm another summon jutsu what only naruto can doo because he summons mini kyubi it could be cool more kyubi chakra you add to summon then bigger and stronger it could be .

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